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Progress Report on Loading of Titanium with Deuterium

Description: Report issued by the University of California Radiation Laboratory discussing an experiment in which a system was designed and built to load titanium with deuterium gas of a high purity. It discusses the results and the parameters affecting the amounts and purity of the absorbed gas.
Date: May 5, 1955
Creator: Ruff, James W.
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IBM 1401 Computer Produced and Maintained Library Circulation Records

Description: Report issued by the University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory discussing a method of updating library circulation records on an IBM 1401 computer. The report describes the methods of generating and updating the records using transaction cards to create computer tapes that are sorted and updated to prepare current reports of circulation information.
Date: January 23, 1964
Creator: Kennedy, James H.
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Neutron Production in the Pinch Due to Instability Breakup

Description: Abstract: "The neutrons from the linear pinch in Berkeley have been shown to originate from deuteron collisions with a large net center-of-mass velocity in one direction along the axis of the pinch tube. The interpretation of this result is that the neutron production associated with the pinch is non-thermonuclear in origin. The object of this paper is to review the experimental evidence and discuss a possible source of the neutron production."
Date: May 12, 1956
Creator: Colgate, Stirling A.
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Capacity Factors in the Performance of Perforated Plate Distillation Columns

Description: From abstract: "A study of factors affecting the vapor handling capacity of perforated plate liquid-vapor contacting columns. Vapor phase pressure drop across plates, liquid entrainment upward from plate to plate, and plate stability were investigated as functions of operational and geometric column parameters."
Date: October 1954
Creator: Hunt, Charles d'Ancona, 1924-
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Decay Schemes and Nuclear Spectroscopic States in the Heavy-Element Region (Thesis)

Description: From introduction: "A study of the decay schemes of a considerable number of nuclei in the heavy-element region has been undertaken in the hope that a more detailed knowledge of the energy levels involved will lead to a better understanding of their nature and therefore of the nucleus itself."
Date: June 1955
Creator: Stephens, Frank Samuel, Jr.
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The nuclear spins, hyperfine structure separations, and magnetic moments of Cs¹²⁷, Cs¹²⁹, Cs¹³⁰, and Cs¹³²

Description: From abstract: "The nuclear spins, hyperfine structure separations, and magnetic moments of four cesium isotopes have been measured, using an atomic beam magnetic resonance apparatus designed to utilize the low background flop-in method."
Date: 1957
Creator: Shugart, Howard Alan, 1931-2016
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Nuclear Decay Schemes in the Actinium Family

Description: Abstract: "With magnetic alpha-particle and electron high-resolution spectrographs and scintillation gamma-ray spectrometers, a study was made of the nuclear decay of a number of members of the actinium family - U-235, Th-227, Ra-223, Em-219, Po-215, and Bi-211. Decay schemes are presented for each of these nuclides, together with such correlations as are possible with present theoretical nuclear models. The decay scheme of U-235 and a portion of that of Th-227 are interpretable in terms of the collective model and a spherical shell-model characteristics; however, the intermediate nuclides present complexities not well understood."
Date: July 1957
Creator: Pilger, Richard Christian, Jr.
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An Investigation of Temperature Measuring Techniques for Use in High Power Density Nuclear Reactors

Description: Abstract: "Temperature measuring techniques for application to temperatures up to 2000 deg C have been investigated. Emphasis has been placed on those methods suitable for use in the environment of a high power density nuclesr reactor of particular design. A survey of available techniques is made and evaluated in the light of the general problem. The properties and behavior of materials at high temperatures and in a high flux of particle radiation are discussed. As a result of the preceding considerations and a comprehensive literature search thermoelectric thermometry emerges as the most favorable method. A discussion of thermoelectric thermometry is given and recommendations as to materials and construction of a proposed expedient thermocouple are given. An experimental program leading to a more satisfactory thermocouple assembly is discussed."
Date: 1957
Creator: Ragent, Boris & Samuel, Aryah H.
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Physical Studies of Cell Division: Statistical Fluctuations; Effects Due to X-Radiation, Temperature, and Hydrostatic Pressure

Description: Thesis discussing "a technique for determining the generation times of individual yeast cells...the effect of x-radiation on the generation times of individual cells and their progeny..." and "attempts to synchronize cell division in a population of cells."
Date: December 9, 1954
Creator: Burns, Victor Will
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Small-Scale Instabilites of the Pinch and a Suggested Remedy: The Levitron

Description: Report discussing "experimental results on the classical stabilized pinch," "the usefulness of the Levitron in Stellarator-type operation," and "practical details of the levitation process." A configuration is presented which involves a "toroidal pinch tube inside which a rigid toroidal conductor is levitated by means of an induced magnetic field." Additionally, "an alternative scheme is considered, where the toroidal core is suspended from current-carrying wires, but this approach does not appear promising."
Date: September 1958
Creator: Colgate, Stirling A. & Furth, H. P.
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Theories for Angular Distributions in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions : A Series of Six Lectures Presented at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, California, in 1958

Description: Report presenting six lectures on theories for angular distributions in low energy nuclear reactions. The topics of the lectures are "survey of reaction mechanisms", "born approximation for direct interaction theory", "semiclassical approximation for direct interaction", "distorted wave analysis and direct surface interactions", "angular correlation - general theory", and "interpretation of inelastic proton scattering by means of angular correlation theory".
Date: 1958
Creator: Moszkowski, Steven A.; Benveniste, J. & Schwarcz, E. H.
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Dr. Johnson's Lectures to the ARC Research Group

Description: Abstract: "These notes were written from recordings of a series of lectures which Dr. Montgomery H. Johnson presented to the ARC Research Group of the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, during January, February and March of 1954. In the lectures he discussed plasma oscillations and the penetration of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields into plasmas. Dr. Johnson plainly did not attempt rigorous or exhaustive treatments of these subjects but rather contented himself for the most part with the introduction of ideas in the simplest manner possible."
Date: November 1954
Creator: Roberts, John E.
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