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The Ashland Coal Field, Rosebud, Powder River, and Custer Counties, Montana

Description: From introduction: The detailed information concerning the coal deposits of the Ashland field set forth in this report has been obtained in the course of an investigation that has been conducted both as a part of the United States Geological Survey's general systematic study of western coal lands and as an aid in the administration of the public lands. With the information obtained on the location of outcrops, the number, distribution, and thickness of coal beds, the accessibility of the coal, and the thickness of the overburden, the public lands of the region are classified as to their coal value; coal-bearing lands are differentiated from noncoal-bearing lands; and the administration of the coal-land leasing law is facilitated.
Date: 1932
Creator: Bass, N. Wood

Potential Effects of Surface Coal Mining on the Hydrology of the Snider Creek Area, Rosebud and Ashland Coal Fields, Southeastern Montana

Description: From abstract: The Snider Creek area of the Rosebud and Ashland coal fiends contains strippable reserves of Federal coal that have been identified for potential lease sale. A hydrologic study has been conducted in the potential lease area to describe the existing hydrologic systems and to assess potential impacts of surface coal mining on local water resources.
Date: February 1983
Creator: Cannon, M. R.

The Rosebud Coal Field, Rosebud and Custer Counties, Montana

Description: From abstract: The Rosebud coal field, named from Rosebud Creek and the village of Rosebud, includes an area of about 1,050 square miles and forms a very small part of the subbituminous and lignite coal fields of eastern Montana and Wyoming and the western part of the Dakotas. It is an irregularly bounded tract lying south of the Yellowstone River in eastern Rosebud County and western Custer County and measures 50 miles from east to west and 28 miles from north to south. It adjoins the Forsyth coal field, on the west, the Ashland coal field, on the south, and the Miles City coal field, in part, on the north.
Date: 1936
Creator: Pierce, William Gamewell