1000-MWe LMFBR Follow-on Study: Task I Report 5
100th Congress 27
101st Congress 32
102nd Congress 30
103rd Congress 39
104th Congress 60
105th Congress 93
106th Congress 202
107th Congress 359
108th Congress 464
109th Congress 536
10th Congress 3
110th Congress 418
111th Congress 222
112th Congress 209
113th Congress 200
114th Congress 179
115th Congress 93
11th Congress 3
12th Congress 3
13th Congress 3
14th Congress 2
15th Congress 4
16th Congress 3
17th Congress 3
18th Congress 3
The 1992 Pacific Northwest Residential Energy Survey 11
1995 BRAC Commission 1,429
19th Congress 3
1:100,000-Scale Series (Planimetric) 5
1:100,000-Scale Series (Topographic) 15
1st Congress 2
2005 BRAC Commission 12,748
2011-2015 GHGRP Industrial Profiles 1
20th Congress 3
21st Congress 3
22nd Congress 5
23rd Congress 7
24-Channel Geophone Array for Horizontal or Vertical Boreholes Quarterly Report 3
24th Congress 11
25 Process Assistance 1
25th Congress 6
26th Congress 2
27th Congress 4
28th Congress 3
29th Congress 3
2nd Congress 1
[3 Liberty Loan poster] 6
30 x 60 Minute Series (Topographic) 74
30 x 60 Minute Series (Topographic-Bathymetric) 10
30th Congress 3
31st Congress 5
32nd Congress 7
33rd Congress 6
34th Congress 6
35th Congress 6
36th Congress 6
37th Congress 7
38th Congress 6
39th Congress 8
3rd Congress 1
40-MW(e) Prototype High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Postconstruction Research and Development Program Quarterly Progress Report 1
40th Congress 10
41st Congress 11
42nd Congress 12
47th Congress 4
4th Congress 2
502th Congress 1
55th Congress 1
57th Congress 4
58th Congress 3
59th Congress 2
5th Congress 3
60th Congress 248
61st Congress 19
63rd Congress 1
64th Congress 2
65th Congress 2
66th Congress 2
67th Congress 2
68th Congress 2
69th Congress 2
6th Congress 1
7.5 Minute Series (Topographic) 38
70th Congress 2
71st Congress 2
72nd Congress 2
73rd Congress 2
74th Congress 7
75th Congress 7
76th Congress 7
770MWe Central Station Power Plants Investment Cost Study 1
77th Congress 7
78th Congress 7
79th Congress 7
7th Congress 2
80th Congress 7
81st Congress 7
82nd Congress 9
83rd Congress 9
84th Congress 10
85th Congress 9
86th Congress 9
87th Congress 11
88th Congress 9
89th Congress 8
8th Congress 2
9-11 Commission Hearings 92
9-11 Commission Statements 17
90th Congress 9
91st Congress 29
92nd Congress 36
93rd Congress 16
94th Congress 20
95th Congress 21
96th Congress 21
97th Congress 26
98th Congress 27
99th Congress 32
9th Congress 2
ABCC (Series) 4
Abstracts of Current Decisions on Mines and Mining 19
ABWR Quarterly Progress Report 2
Accelerated Leach Test Development Program Annual Report 1
Accurate Nuclear Fuel Burnup Analyses Quarterly Report 4
Accurate Nuclear Fuel Burnup Analysis Quarterly Progress Report 2
ACIR state legislative program 21
ACIR: The Year in Review 32
Acoustic Detecting and Locating Gas Pipe Line Infringement Quarterly Report 3
Acoustical Imaging and Mechanical Properties of Soft Rock and Marine Sediments Progress Report 6
ACRH Semiannual Report on Medical Research 13
Active Cathodes for Super-High Power Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Through Space Charge Effects Quarterly Report 4
Activities to Support Establishment of a Sea Floor Monitoring Station Project Progress Report 6
ADEPT Program 8
ADIFOR Working Notes 1
Adolescent Health 4
Advanced Coal Conversion Process Demonstration Progress Report 1
Advanced Computational Model for Three-Phase Slurry Reactors Progress Report 3
Advanced Cuttings Transport Study Annual Report 1
Advanced Cuttings Transport Study Quarterly Report 11
Advanced Direct Coal Liquefaction Concepts Quarterly Report 1
Advanced Fuel Cell Development Progress Report 27
Advanced Gas Turbine Systems Research Program Quarterly Report 2
Advanced Gasification-Based Fuel Conversion and Electric Energy Production System Progress Report 1
Advanced Hydrogen Transport Membranes for Vision 21 Fossil Fuel Plants Quarterly Report 1
Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications 5
Advanced Light Source Activity Report 1
Advanced NMR-Based Techniques for Pore Structure Analysis of Coal. Quarterly Report 1
Advanced Separation Technology for Flue Gas Cleanup Quarterly Report 2
Advanced Solar Thermal Technology Project 1
Advanced Stripper Gas Produced Water Remediation, Quarterly Technical Report 7
Advanced Water-Cooled Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Development 1
Advanced, Soluble Hydroliquefaction and Hydrotreating Catalysts Annual Report 1
AEC publication CONF 74
AEC Research and Development Report 93
AEC research and development report 774
AEC Unclassified Programs Progress Report 5
AECL (Series) 10
AECU (Series) 49
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of a Portion of Texas 10
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond Quadrangles 11
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Alabama and Georgia 5
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia 56
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Washington 6
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee, Dyersburg, Paducah, Poplar Bluff, and Rolla Quadrangles 20
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas 5
Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of the Great Plains and Central Lowlands 43
Aerojet-General Corporation Reports 5
AFCRC-TN (Series) 1
Affordable Health Care for America 1
The Agricultural Outlook 18
Agriculture handbook (United States. Department of Agriculture) 2
Agriculture information bulletin 5
Agriculture information series 5
Agrostology [publication] (United States. Division of Agrostology) 5
AIDS-related issues 2
AIDS-related issues. Staff paper 3
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories Reports 9
Air Force surveys in geophysics 3
Air Pollution and Acid Rain 2
Air Pollution Control Technology Fact Sheet 2
Air Transport Technology 1
Airborne, Optical Remote Sensing of Methane and Ethane for Natural Gas Pipline Leak Detection Progress Report 2
The Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Progress Report 1
Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report 5
Alert 2
Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding and Reservoir Characterization of the Bridgeport and Cypress Reservoirs of the Lawrence Field Quarterly Report 1
Alteration of Taste Thresholds by Low Doses of Ionizing Irradiation Progress Report 1
Alternate Materials of Construction for Geothermal Applications Progress Report 1
Alternative Approaches to Cargo Policy 1
Alternative Energy Futures 1
Alternative Fuel News 8
Alternative Fuels and Chemicals From Synthesis Gas Progress Report 6
AMAP Technical Report 1
American State Papers 1
American War Posters 381
Ames Laboratory Annual Report in Metallurgy 1
Ames Laboratory Quarterly Summary Research Report 2
Ames Laboratory Reports 4
Ames Laboratory Semi-Annual Progress Report in Chemistry 1
Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University (IS) 130
Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University (IS) Series 27
Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University (IS) series 3
AN (Series) 1
An Advanced Fracture Characterization and Well Path Navigation System for Effective Re-Development and Enhancement of Ultimate Recovery From the Complex Monterey Reservoir of South Ellwood Field, Offshore California, Quarterly Report 8
An Assessment of Community Planning for Mass Transit 11
An Industrial-Based Consortium to Develop Premium Carbon Products from Coal Annual Report 2
An Investigation of the Chattanooga Black Shale of Tennessee as a Source of Uranium Progress Report 1
Analog Simulation of the Hanford N-Reactor Plant 1
Analysis of Devonian Black Shales in Kentucky for Potential Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Natural Gas Production Quarterly Report 12
Analytical Chemistry Division Annual Progress Report 5
ANCO Progress Report 1
ANL (Series) 166
ANL Applied Mathematics Division Progress Report 1
ANL Applied Mathematics Division Report 3
ANL Biological and Medical Research Division Progress Report 1
ANL Biological and Medical Research, Radiological Physics, and Health Services Divisions Monthly Report 1
ANL Chemical Engineering Division Annual Technical Report 1
ANL Chemical Engineering Division Report 1
ANL Experimental Nuclear Physics Division Quarterly Report 1
ANL Fuel Cycle Programs Quarterly Progress Report 1
ANL Laboratory Directed Research and Development Annual Report 2
ANL Metallurgy Division Annual Report 1
ANL Metallurgy Division Progress Report 4
ANL Metallurgy Division Quarterly Report 2
ANL Nuclear Technology Programs Progress Report 1
ANL Physics Division Progress Report 1
ANL Physics Division Report 3
ANL Radiological Physics Division Report 2
ANL Reactor Development Program Progress Report 14
ANL Site Environmental Report 2
ANL Theoretical Nuclear Physics Division Quarterly Report 1
ANL: (Series) 1
Annual Energy Outlook 15
Annual Illness and Injury Surveillance Report 12
Annual Progress Report on Fuel Element Development 1
Annual Report and Directory of Accredited Laboratories 2
Annual Report of Research and Technologic Work on Coal 4
Annual Report of the Director of the Bureau of Standards 1
Annual Report of the Farm Credit Administration and the Cooperative Farm Credit System 2
Annual Report on Contract AEC AT(11-1) 34 p107B 1
Annual Report on Waste Generation and Pollution Prevention Progress 1
Annual Reports of the Department of Agriculture 45
ANPP Code Development Program Pressurized Water Task Quarterly Progress Report 1
Antiaircraft artillery field manual 1
APAE (Series) 75
Application and Development of Appropriate Tools and Technologies for Cost-Effective Carbon Sequestration Annual Report 1
Application and Development of Appropriate Tools and Technologies for Cost-Effective Carbon Sequestration Quarterly Report 1
Application of Chemically Accelerated Biotreatment to Reduce Risk in Oil-Impacted Soils Progress Report 1
Application of Reservoir Characterization and Advanced Technology to Improve Recovery and Economics in a Lower Quality Shallow Shelf San Andres Reservoir Progress Report 9
Applications of Micellar Enzymology to Clean Coal Technology Quarterly Report 2
Applied Health Physics Annual Report 1
Applied mathematics series (Washington, D.C.) 8
Applied Nuclear Physics Division Annual Progress Report 1
Applied Technology Council Reports 1
Argonne Cancer Resarch Hospital Semiannual Report to the Atomic Energy Commission 2
Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report 4
Argonne National Laboratory Biology Division Quarterly Report 1
Argonne National Laboratory Chemical Engineering Division Summary Report 1
Argonne National Laboratory Physics Division Summary Report 1
Argonne National Laboratory Quarterly Report 1
Argonne National Laboratory Report 1
Argonne National Laboratory Reports 1,341
Argonne National Laboratory Sodium Technology Quarterly Report 3
Argonne Solar Energy Program Annual Report 3
ARM Facilities Newsletter 46
Armed Services Technical Information Agency Reports 1
Armour Research Foundation Bi-Monthly Progress Reports 1
Armour Research Foundation Quarterly Report 1
Armour Research Foundation Reports 120
Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies 1
Army Airfield Pavement Evaluations 1
Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program 3
Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Progress Report 14
Army Reactors Program Annual Progress Report 1
ASCOT Progress Report 1
Assessing Biological Diversity in the United States: Data Considerations 1
Assessment of the Fshery Improvement Opportunities on the Pend Oreille River Annual Report 1
ASTIA document 1
ATC publication 1
Atmospheric Aerosol Source-Receptor Relationships: The Role of Coal-Fired Power Plants Progress Report 1
Atmospheric science paper 1
Atomic Energy Commission Report 8
Atomic Energy Commission Reports 5,088
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Reports 10
Atomic Power Development Associates Reports 32
Auger and Reaction Studies of Poisoning by Sulfur and Regeneration of Metal Synthesis Gas Catalysts Progress Report 2
Australian Atomic Energy Commission Reports 98
Aviation series (Washington, D.C.) 17
AWBA Development Program 19
B.I.E. 1
Babcock & Wilcox Company Reports 65
Background paper 80
Background paper; International differences in health care technology and costs 2
Ballistic Research Laboratory Reports 2
Basic and Applied Radiotracer Studies Annual Report 1
Basic field manual 3
Battelle Memorial Institute Reports 224
Battelle-Northwest Monthly Activities Report 1
BAW (Series) 67
Beat the promise 12
BEEST Program 3
BEETIT Program 15
Being LGBT in Asia 5
Bench Scale Testing of Micronized Magnetite Beneficiation Progress Report 4
Bench-Scale Co-Processing Quarterly Report 2
Better Building Series 3
BF AWP Grantee Checklist 1
Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership Quarterly Report 3
The Biocatalytic Desulfurization Project Quarterly Report 1
Biodiesel/Aquatic Species Project Report 1
Biodiversity Conservation and Forestry Programs 4
Biofuels News 3
Biofuels Update 1
Biological Effects of High Strength Electric Fields on Small Laboratory Animals Annual Report 1
Biological report (Washington, D.C.) 40
Biological services program FWS/OBS 436
Biomedical Engineering Support Quarterly Report 2
BLS Reports 1
BMI (Series) 192
BMI Progress Relating to Civilian Applications 17
BNL (Series) 537
BNL HTGR Safety Evaluation Division Quarterly Report 1
BNL Nuclear Engineering Department Annual Report 1
BNL Nuclear Engineering Department Progress Report 2
BNL Nuclear Reactor Progress Report 1
BNL Unclassified Research Quarterly Report 3
BNWL (Series) 13
The Boron-Carbon System Quarterly Report 3
Botanical Investigations and Experiments [publication] (United States. Bureau of Plant Industry) 3
British War Posters 30
Brookhaven National Laboratory Annual Report 13
Brookhaven National Laboratory Progress Report 1
Brookhaven National Laboratory Progress report 1
Brookhaven National Laboratory Quarterly Progress Report 4
Brookhaven National Laboratory Reports 546
Brookhaven Symposia in Biology 1
Brownsville Affray 1
Building materials and structures report 1
Buildings for the 21st Century 4
Bulletin (Colorado Geological Survey) 1
Bulletin (Geological Survey (U.S.)) 2
Bulletin (United States. Bureau of Mines) 140
Bulletin (United States. Office of Education) 2
Bulletin (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey) 1
Bulletin of the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2
Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey 80
Bulletin of the University of Texas. Scientific series. 1
Bureau of Animal Industry [publication] (United States. Bureau of Animal Industry) 5
Bureau of Animal Industry, Dairy [publication] (United States. Bureau of Animal Industry) 2
Bureau of Plant Industry [publication] (United States. Bureau of Plant Industry) 8
Caesar Kleberg Tracks 3
Callery Chemical Company Reports 1
Capsizing/Swamping Accident Investigations 2
Capture and Use of Coal Mine Ventilation Air Methane Progress Report 1
Carbon Dioxide Capture From Flue Gas Using Dry Regenerable Sorbents Quarterly Report 8
Carbon Sequestration in Reclaimed Mined Soils of Ohio Quarterly Report 3
Carbon Sequestration on Surface Mine Lands Quarterly Report 10
Case Study Series 4
CASTNET Annual Report 11
A Catalog of federal grant-in-aid programs to state and local governments 1
Catalyst Additives to Enhance Mercury Oxidation and Capture Progress Reports 8
Catalyst and Process Development for Synthesis Gas Conversion to Isobutylene Quarterly Report 1
Catalytic Construction Company Reports 6
Catalytic Conversion of Oxygenated Compounds to Low Molecular Weight Olefins Progress Report 3
Cavalry 1
A Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Mercury Continuous Emission Monitor Progress Report 2
CC (Series) (Chicago, Illinois) 72
CCC (Series) (Callery, Pennsylvania) 1
CCCO (Series) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 6
Cementing of Geothermal Wells Progress Report 1
Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Production From Coal Annual Report 1
Cesium Chloride Compatibility Testing Program Annual Report 1
Changing public attitudes on governments and taxes 21
Characterization and Supply of Coal-Based Fuels Quarterly Report 12
Chemical Engineering Division Environmental Chemistry Annual Report 1
Chemical Engineering Division Fast-Neutron Dosimetry Annual Report 1
Chemical Engineering Division Fuels and Materials Chemistry Annual Report 1
Chemical Engineering Division Physical Inorganic Chemistry Annual Report 1
Chemical Engineering Division Sodium Technology Annual Report 1
Chemical Engineering Division Thermochemical Studies Annual Report 1
Chemical Processing Department Monthly Report 71
Chemical Safety Alert 3
Chemical Technology Division Annual Progress Report 2
Chemical Technology Division Annual Technical Report 5
Chemical Technology Division Laboratory Section Status Report 1
Chemicals Project Fact Sheet 1
Chemistry Division Quarterly Progress Report 1
Chemistry Division Quarterly Report 2
Chemistry Unit Quarterly Progress Report 1
Chicago University Reports 76
Chief Joseph Kokanee Enhancement Project 3
Children's Bureau Headliner Series 1
Children's Mental Health: Problems and Services 1
Citizenship Series 3
Civil Aeronautics Bulletin 1
Civil Effects Test Operations Reports 69
Clean Cities alternative fuel information series 15
Clean Cities News 3
Clean Cities Now 3
Clean Gasoline Reforming with Superacid Catalysts Quarterly Report 1
The Clean Power Plan 4
Clean Power Plan Factsheets 1
Clean Power Plan: State at a Glance 47
Clean Water Rule Factsheets 2
Clean Water Rule Response to Comments 14
Climate and Health Technical Report Series: Climate and Health Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1
Climate Change Impacts Factsheets 54
Climate Change Indicators in the United States 1
Clinton Engineer Works Division of Chemical Research and Development Progress Report 1
Clinton National Laboratory Physics Division Quarterly Report 1
CNLM (Series) (Middletown, Connecticut) 31
Co-Firing Coal: Feedlot and Litter Biomass Fuels Progress Report 3
CO2 Capture by Absorption With Potassium Carbonate Quarterly Report 5
CO2 Hydrate Process for Gas Separation, Quarterly Report 2
CO2 Selective Ceramic Membrane for Water-Gas-Shift Reaction With Concomitant Recovery of CO2, Quarterly Report 7
CO2 Sequestration Potential of Texas Low-Rank Coals Quarterly Report 4
Coal Combustion Products Extension Program Quarterly Report 1
Coal Power Development 1
Coal resources of western Pennsylvania 1
Coal Technology Program Progress Report 1
Coal-Fire Alkali Metal Power System Design Study Progress Report 1
Coal-Mine Accidents in the United States 13
Coal-Mine Fatalities 9
Coal-Mine Fatalities in the United States 9
Coast and Geodetic Survey Reports 34
Coast of California Storm and Tidal Waves Study 6
Coastal Marine Institute 7
Colorado-Arizona Area 4
Colville Confederated Tribes' Wildlife Mitigation Project Annual Report 1
Combustion Engineering, Inc. Reports 5
Combustion Turbine (CT) Hot Section Coating Life Management Progress Report 1
Committee print (United States. Congress) 1
Computational Research Division Report 1
Computer Systems Research Annual Report 1
Computer-Based National Information Systems 1
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Clean Water Act Requirements 1
Condition Surveys 6
CONF (Series) 58
Congressional Globe 112
Congressional Record 58
Congressional Research Service 1
Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. Study 6
Contribution (University of Washington. College of Fisheries) 3
Contribution to Alaskan Geology 2
Contributions in Archaeology 1
Contributions to economic geology 62
Contributions to general geology 14
Contributions to geochemical prospecting for minerals 2
Contributions to geochemistry 1
Contributions to Geophysics 1
Contributions to Precambrian geology of Lake Superior region 1
Contributions to stratigraphy 3
Contributions to the Data on Theoretical Metallurgy 17
Contributions to the geology of uranium 10
Coolside Waste Management Research Quarterly Report 4
CORECT Project 1
Cost-Effective Method for Producing Self Supported Palladium Alloy Membranes for Use in Efficient Production of Coal Derived Hydrogen Quarterly Report 3
Cost-Effective Reciprocating Engine Emissions Control and Monitoring for E&P Field and Gathering Engines Progress Report 10
Council of Economic Advisers Issue Brief 1
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012 1
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015 1
CP (Series) (Chicago, Illinois) 76
Critical Scattering of Laser Light by Thin Fluid Films Technical Progress Report 1
Cross-Roll Flow Forming of ODS Alloy Heat Exchanger Tubes For Hoop Creep Enhancement Quarterly Report 5
CRS In Focus 241
CRS Insight 437
CRS Issue Briefs 2,222
CRS Legal Sidebar 260
CRS Memoranda 1
CRS Miscellaneous Publication 5
CTR Plasma Engineering Studies Progress Report 5
DA Pamphlets 4
Data Summary of Municipal Solid Waste Management Alternatives 23
The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States 42
Defense Savings Staff [poster] (United States. Defense Savings Staff) 6
Delayed Failure Hydrogen Embrittlement of Zirconium Quarterly Report 3
Dense Media Cyclone Optimization Progress Report 3
Department of Defense Fact Sheet 2
Department of Labor Fact Sheets 2
Department of State publication 2
Design Studies on Cesium-137 as a Source for High Level Gamma Irradiators Quarterly Report 3
Design, Fabrication and Bench Testing of a Texaco Infrared Ratio Pyrometer System for the Measurement of Gasifier Reaction Chamber Temperature, Quarterly Report 4
Determination of Basalt Physical and Thermal Properties at Varying Temperatures, Pressures, and Moisture Contents Progress Report 3
Develop Data Management System for Assistance in Conducting Area of Reviews in Texas Quarterly Report 2
Developing a Cost Effective Environmental Solution for Produced Water and Creating a ''New'' Water Resource Quarterly Report 1
Developing a Predation Index and Evaluating Ways to Reduce Salmonid Losses to Predation in the Columbia River Basin Progress Report 1
Developing State Policies Supportive of Bioenergy Development Progress Report 2
Development and Demonstration of Compound Parabolic Concentrators for Solar Thermal Power Generation and Heating and Cooling Applications Progress Report 1
Development and Evaluation of High-Temperature Tungsten Alloys Quarterly Report 3
Development fo Novel Boron-based Multilayer Thin-Film Progress Report 1
Development of Alaskan Gas Hydrate Resources Annual Report 1
Development of an EMAT in-Line Inspection System for Detection, Discrimination, and Grading of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Pipelines Progress Report 2
Development of an Environmentally Benign Microbial Inhibitor to Control Internal Pipeline Corrosion Quarterly Report 2
Development of an Inspection Platform and a Suite of Sensors for Assessing Corrosion and Mechanical Damage on Unpiggable Transmission Mains Quarterly Report 5
Development of Attrition Resistant Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts Progress Report 1
Development of Continuous Solvent Extraction Processes for Coal Derived Carbon Products Quarterly Report 10
Development of High Efficiency Solar Collector Plates Progress Report 1
Development of Iron-Aluminum Base Alloys for Gas Cooled Reactor Components Quarterly Progress Report 1
Development of ITM Oxygen Technology for Integration in IGCC & Other Advanced Power Generation Systems (ITM Oxygen) Progress Report 3
Development of Microorganisms With Improved Transport and Biosurfactant Activity for Enhanced Oil Recovery Progress Report 2
Development of More-Efficient Gas Flooding Applicable to Shallow Reservoirs Progress Report 3
Development of Novel Electrocatalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Annual Report 2
Development of ODS Heat Exchanger Tubing Progress Report 5
Development of On-line Instrumentation and Techniques to Detect and Measure Particulates Quarterly Report 8
A Development of On-Line Temperature Measurement Instrumentation for Gasification Process Control Progress Report 4
Development of Polymer Gel Systems to Improve Volumetric Sweep and Reduce Producing Water/Oil Ratios Progress Report 1
Development of Pressurized Circulating Fluidized Bed Partial Gasification Module (PGM) Quarterly Report 2
Development of Pulsed Neutron Application to Power Reactor Start-Up Procedures Quarterly Report 1
Development of Rations for the Enhanced Survival of Salmon Annual Report 1
Development of Superior Sorbents for Separation of CO2 From Flue Gas at a Wide Temperature Range During Coal Combustion Annual Report 1
Development of Unique Catalysts for Hydrodenitrogenation of Coal-Derived Liquids Annual Report 2
DHEW publication 4
Differential Soil Impedance Obstacle Detection Quarterly Report 10
Diffusion Coatings for Corrosion-Resistant Components in Coal Gasification Systems Quarterly Report 10
Dilute Surfactant Methods for Carbonate Formations Quarterly Report 9
Dimensional Effects in Controlled Structure Supported Catalysts Derived From Layered Synthetic Microstructures Progress Report 1
Dimethyl Ether (DME)-Fueled Shuttle Bus Demonstration Project Annual Report 3
Direct Catalytic Conversion of Methane and Light Hydrocarbon Gases Quarterly Report 2
Direct Coal Liquefaction Baseline Design and System Analysis Quarterly Report 1
Direct Conversion Fission Reactor Progress Report 1
Direct Energy Conversion Fission Reactor Progress Report 8
Direct FuelCell/Turbine Power Plant Annual Report 1
Direct FuelCell/Turbine Power Plant Progress Report 6
Direct Measurement of Mercury Reactions in Coal Power Plant Plumes Progress Report 4
Direct-Use Geothermal PON and PRDA Projects Annual Report 1
Distributed Energy & Electric Reliability Fact Sheets 7
Division of Biological and Medical Research Annual Report 5
Document / 55th Congress, 2d session, Senate 1
Document / 58th Congress, 2d session, House 2
DOE Fundamentals Handbook 1
DOE publication CONF 2
DOE research and development report 2