Statistics: Digital Library

Statistics for November 2019

Collection Growth

Items Added by Month/Year

Year January February March April May June July August September October November December Total
2019 45,150 15,771 1,419 62,340
2018 13,564 46,775 2,149 7,777 21,047 19,720 30,474 21,806 11,999 34,097 78,851 2,426 290,685
2017 5,918 3,971 4,514 1,613 8,572 5,594 4,713 3,993 2,411 42,874 5,997 3,888 94,058
2016 4,109 5,343 19,905 884 21,031 1,662 3,620 7,064 40,175 6,550 10,749 3,114 124,206
2015 10,615 1,116 2,007 732 2,074 21,918 15,542 13,299 21,964 11,808 3,106 16,230 120,411
2014 1,105 1,141 3,255 538 717 16,098 1,700 2,956 2,749 52 185 1,982 32,478
2013 155 330 184 78 105 1,876 640 1,928 207 849 2,070 815 9,237
2012 684 1,933 112 3,056 263 2,581 2,038 5,159 383 1,023 869 2,146 20,247
2011 639 155 1,726 214 2,402 2,768 3,740 1,030 13,019 407 13,927 31 40,058
2010 0 1,605 412 162 447 12,255 418 2,012 297 614 136 880 19,238
2009 28 50 0 86 1,401 297 31 218 147 90 1,214 3 3,565
2008 252 836 0 125 675 66 139 47 4 239 50 690 3,123
2007 58 37 2,812 27 185 724 80 155 1,481 69 112 0 5,740
2006 0 396 99 128 9 766 278 176 181 218 23 640 2,914
2005 0 0 0 0 0 6,367 137 440 403 228 285 173 8,033

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33 Partners

Digital Scholarship Cooperative (DiSCo)
Elm Fork Natural Heritage Museum
International Internet Preservation Consortium
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
University Relations, Communications & Marketing for UNT
UNT Center for Economic Development and Research
UNT Center for Environmental Philosophy
UNT Center for Psychosocial Health Research
UNT College of Arts and Sciences
UNT College of Business
UNT College of Education
UNT College of Engineering
UNT College of Information
UNT College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism
UNT College of Music
UNT College of Public Affairs and Community Service
UNT College of Visual Arts and Design
UNT Dallas
UNT Dallas College of Law
UNT Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism
UNT Health Science Center
UNT Honors College
UNT Institute of Applied Science
UNT Libraries
UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit
UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
UNT Libraries Rare Book and Texana Collections
UNT Libraries Special Collections
UNT Media Library
UNT Music Library
UNT Office of Sustainability
UNT Oral History Program
UNT Press

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152 Collections

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Annals of Congress
Aquiline Books
Donald F. Baker Collection (The Dallas Way)
Bell Helicopter Records
Claudia Webb Betti Papers
Black Academy of Arts and Letters Records
Robert C. Bradbury Miniature Book Research Papers
Leon Breeden Collection
Joseph Britton Freshwater Mussel Collection
Broadening Access to Books on Texas and Oklahoma
Burushaski Language Resource
Center for Media Production Collection
Chemical Information
Church and Synagogue Library Association Materials
Clark Family Photography Collection
College of Music Program Books
College of Music Publications
College of Music Recordings
College of Visual Arts + Design Archival Project
Carl Benton Compton Collection
Computational Resource on South Asian Languages (CoRSAL)
The Congressional Globe
Congressional Record
Congressional Research Service Reports
Copyright White Papers Collection
Cross Timbers Library Collaborative
Frank Cuellar Sr. Collection
CyberCemetery Extracted Publications
Dallas/Fort Worth American Chemical Society Publications
The Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way)
The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the Names Project Foundation Collection
Dallas Voice
D. Jack Davis Art Education Collection
Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission
Denton Chamber of Commerce Collection
Denton Fracking Referendum Collection
Digital Frontiers
Documenting Plate Waste in Middle School Cafeterias Using Digital Still Photography
End of Term Publications
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Policy Collection
Federal Communications Commission Record
Federal Communications Commission Reports
Federal Register
The Federal Reporter
FICTA: Difusora de Musica Antigua
Food Rules
Rudi Fuchs Holiday Card Collection
The Gayly Oklahoman
General Archives Collection
General Collection
John Gilliland's Pop Chronicles
Professor Ray Gough Slide Collection
Government Accountability Office Reports
Government Documents A to Z Digitization Project
Government Documents General Collections
International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)
International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) Publications
International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education (ISSME)
Jazz Lecture Series
Early Jazz Studies at UNT
Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling
Journal of Near-Death Studies
Journal of Schenkerian Studies
Bob Kap Collection
Stan Kenton Collection
Gordon Knox Film Collection
KXAS-NBC 5 News Collection
Lamkang Language Resource
Lesbian Gay Political Coalition Papers (The Dallas Way)
Library Publishing Forum 2016
Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection
Manipur Digital Resources
Miniature Book Collection
Miniature Book News
Miniature Book Society Newsletter
Music Library 75th Anniversary Symposium Collection
Music Library Conover Collection
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
William H. "Bill" Nelson, Jr. and Jean Nelson Collection (The Dallas Way)
Newspaper Resources
The North Texan
Office of Scientific & Technical Information Technical Reports
Office of Technology Assessment
Oral History Association
Register of Debates in Congress
Resource Center LGBT Collection of the UNT Libraries
SLIS Call Number
Erwin E. Smith Photography Collection
L. D. Sparkman Collection
Student Demonstration Poster Collection
Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL)
Ten Spurs
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science Collection
Texas Fashion Collection
The Texas Folklore Society Collection
Texas Human Rights Foundation Collection (The Dallas Way)
Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution (TXSSAR) Archive
Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus Papers (The Dallas Way)
Theoria - Historical Aspects of Music Theory
3Dhotbed: 3D Printed History of the Book Teaching Tools
Toscanini: The Centennial Series
Toscanini: The Man Behind the Legend
United States Experiment Station Record
United States Experiment Station Reports
United States Reports
United States Statutes at Large
University Memory Collection
University of North Texas Archives
University of North Texas Excellence in Curricula and Experiential Learning Program
University of North Texas Government Documents Department
University of North Texas Press
University Photography Collection
University Records
UNT Athletic Department Records
UNT Catalogs
UNT Commencement Programs
UNT Data Repository
UNT Equity and Diversity Programming
UNT Films Collection
UNT Global Studies Faculty Seminar
UNT Graduate Student Works
UNT Laboratory School Yearbooks
UNT Legends: a Century of Mean Green Football
UNT Libraries Licensed Content
UNT Libraries Publications
UNT Open Access Symposium
UNT Oral History Collection
UNT Research Symposium on African Studies
UNT Scholarly Works
UNT Theses and Dissertations
UNT Undergraduate Student Works
UNT Web Archives
UNT Yearbooks
USDA Farmers' Bulletins
User-Centered Design of Language Archives
Dennis Vercher Collection
Virtual Music Rare Book Room
Weaver Collection of Children's Books
Byrd Williams Family Photography Collection
Women With Words
World War One Collection
World War Poster Collection
World War Two Collection
World War Two Newsmaps
Mildred Schaeffer Zichner Collection