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Primary view of Investigations Into Using Machine Learning Models to Automate the Sorting of Digitized Texas State Publications.
Rikka, Praneeth & Phillips, Mark Edward
May 16, 2023
Primary view of Choose Your Platform: Gaming at the Media Library
Chase, Emily; Carr, Ryan & Higa, Mialani
April 18, 2023
Primary view of Creating Subject Metadata for The Chronicles of Oklahoma in The Gateway to Oklahoma History
Carroll, Hannah & Johnson-Freeman, Whitney R.
April 18, 2023
Primary view of GSA Ref Analytics Insights using Power BI
Annadi, Arthi Reddy
April 18, 2023
Primary view of UNT Combats National Book Ban Crisis: A GSA Perspective
Teel, Zoe (Abbie)
April 18, 2023
Primary view of All-Gender Restrooms: Necessary and Possible
Peebles, Emily; Ross, Alyssa; Ericson, Lora & Brannon, Sian
March 23, 2023
Primary view of Toward an understanding of Data Literacy Needs in Community Colleges: A Conceptual Framework
Kim, Jeonghyun; Hong, Lingzi; Evans, Sarah; Ali, Irhamni & Rice-Oyler, Erin
March 2023
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Data Literacy Competency Frameworks
Kim, Jeonghyun & Berka, Catrina
October 25, 2022
Primary view of Don't go it alone: Sharing MarcEdit tasks to improve vendor MARC records
Wolf, Stacey
June 25, 2022
Primary view of Elicitation of Tacit Knowledge Inside a Clinical Process Using the FRAM
Aschwer, Carmen; Mühlbradt, Thomas; Unger, Helga; Fastner, Christian; Schröder, Stefan & Speer, Tillmann
June 2022
Primary view of Knowledge Surfacing by Expert Created Knowledge Connections
Verheijen, Bart
June 2022
Primary view of Level of Adoption and Use of KM Practices in Supply Chains of  Manufacturing Companies
Kassaneh, Tomas Cherkos; Bolisani, Ettore; Scarso, Enrico & Navarro, Juan Gabriel Cegarra
June 2022
Primary view of University of North Texas Open Access Publication Review (2019-2021): Workflows and Insights
Scott, Megan E. & Johnson-Freeman, Whitney R.
May 23, 2022
Primary view of Task List Peer Project
Rodriguez, Ryan
April 14, 2022
Primary view of The UNT Butterfly Flower Patch Commemorative Poster
unknown creator
Spring 2022
Primary view of Association of Doctoral Training Data with Scores on the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP)
Ortiz, Andrea & Callahan, Jennifer L.
January 2022
Primary view of Shifting Into Teams: The Transition to Using Microsoft Teams and Shifts for Managing Student Employees
Baskett, Pilar; Knox, Briana; Akers, Emily & Keshmiripour, Setareh
November 17, 2021
Primary view of Defining Data Literacy: An Empirical Study of Data Literacy Dimension
Kim, Jeonghyun; Hong, Lingzi & Evans, Sarah
September 21, 2021
Primary view of Cataloging for Makerspaces
Robson, Diane; Sassen, Catherine & Yanowski, Kevin
July 23, 2021
Primary view of Off-Topic Memento Toolkit (OTMT) to Identify Topical Outliers in Web Archive Collections
Jones, Shawn M.; Klein, Martin; Weigle, Michele C. & Nelson, Michael L.
June 16, 2021
Primary view of Ten years of archiving the Olympic movement
Byrne, Helena
June 16, 2021
Primary view of Let's Git Creative: Using GitLab to Improve the Institutional Repository Workflow at the University of North Texas
Johnson-Freeman, Whitney R.
May 24, 2021
Primary view of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Among Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students Applying for Intership
Dimmick, Andrew & Callahan, Jennifer L.
January 2021
Primary view of Factors Affecting Late Medication Administration in the Hospital Setting
Estes, Carey & McCoy, Thomas
December 2020
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