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Primary view of The Design of a Mediumenergy Pion Beam (4-16 Gev/C) for the Brookhaven A. G. S.
Read, A. L. & Rubinstein, R.
January 1, 0196
Primary view of Two-Phase Flow Through Apertures
Isbin, H. S.
January 1, 0196
Primary view of PAR Loop Schedule Review
Schaffer, Jr. & W.F.
March 31, 0958
Primary view of Three-dimensional Numerical Investigation of Electron Transport with Rotating Spoke in a Cylindrical Anode Layer Hall Plasma Accelerator
Ellison, C. Leland; Matyash, K.; Parker, J. B.; Raitses, Y. & Fisch, N. J.
August 27, 1012
Primary view of Determination of the 14-Mev Li7 (n,n'a)T Cross Section from Sphere Multiplication and Transmission Measurements
Thomas, R. G.
July 1054
Primary view of Fabrication Cots for Plutonium Fuel Elements Part A: Variable Costs of Fabrication UO2-PuO2 Fuel Rods for the Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility
Bloomster, C. H.
September 1, 1695
Primary view of Report of the Secretary of War, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, the report of Lieutenant Colonel Graham on the subject of the boundary line between the United States and Mexico.
Graham, J. D. (James Duncan), 1799-1865
Primary view of [Report of Horses by Company F for May 1864]
unknown creator
May 30, 1864
Primary view of [Report of Horses for June 1864]
unknown creator
June 30, 1864
Primary view of [Inspection Report, January 20, 1865]
unknown creator
January 20, 1865
Primary view of [Report, July 12, 1868]
Redway, H. K.
July 12, 1868
Primary view of [Comptroller Taxes, December 18, 1880]
Perryman, Levi
December 18, 1880
Primary view of On Secondary Enlargements of Mineral Fragments in Certain Rocks
Irving, R. D. & Van Hise, C. R.
Primary view of On the Cambrian Faunas of North America Preliminary Studies
Walcott, Charles Doolittle
Primary view of A Report of Work Done in the Washington Laboratory During the Fiscal Year 1883-84
Clarke, F. W. & Chatard, T. M.
Primary view of The Lignites of the Great Sioux Reservation : a Report on the Region Between the Grand and Moreau Rivers Dakota
Willis, Bailey
Primary view of The Gabbros and Associated Hornblende Rocks Occurring in the Neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland
Williams, George Huntington
Primary view of Notes of the Geology of North California
Diller, J. S.
Primary view of On the Relation of the Laramie Molluscan Fauna to That of the Succeeding Fresh-Water Eocene and Other Groups
White, Charles A.
Primary view of Physical Properties of the Iron-Carburets: Third Paper
Barus, Carl & Strouhal, Vincent
Primary view of Subsidence of Fine Solid Particles in Liquids
Barus, Carl
Primary view of On the Fossil Faunas of the Upper Devonian: the Genesee Section, New York
Williams, Henry Shaler
Primary view of Peridotite of Elliott County, Kentucky
Diller, J. S.
Primary view of Tertiary and Cretaceous Strata of the Tuscaloosa, Tombigbee, and Alabama Rivers
Smith, Eugene Allen & Johnson, Lawrence C.
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