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[Oral history interview with Michael Cline]

Description: An oral history with actor and playwright Michael Turner Cline who was an eyewitness to the 1979 Village Station raid in Dallas. Other topics discussed include Cline's upbringing in Highland Park, his family members, and his entertainment career in New York City and Los Angeles. Dr. Wesley Phelps provides background information on anti-gay discrimination in Dallas and Fort Worth. The interview was recorded with Zoom teleconferencing software.
Date: January 8, 2021
Creator: Gieringer, Morgan Davis; Cline, Michael & Phelps, Wesley
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[Amy Newsom scrapbook]

Description: Loose pages of a scrapbook that belonged to Amy Newsom, a student of North Texas State Normal College in the 1910s. Many of the photographs depict Newsom and other female students who resided in the Gallagher House, a boarding house in Denton, Texas. These photos show the students studying, posing in front of the house, exercising, and participating in other social activities around campus and Denton. "Ma and Pa" Gallagher, presumably the owners of the house, are also pictured as is William Bruce, the university president at the time. Individual photographs of Newsom's "friends and classmates" are featured and labeled either with first and last names or the individual's relationship to Amy. These individual photographs include photos of Amy Newsom and of her younger brother, Clyde Newsom. In addition to photos from Newsom's time in college, the scrapbook also contains photographs and postcards from a trip to Palacios, Texas, as well as "miscellaneous" photos of a house in Celina, Texas, and of a creek.
Date: 1915~
Creator: Newsom, Amy Eliza, 1892-1973
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[North Texas Normal College first graduating class]

Description: Card-mounted photograph of the first graduating class of North Texas Normal College taken in 1891. Each of the 15 men pictured in the photograph is labeled with a number and named by first and middle initials and last name on the back of the photograph. Of the men pictured, 3 (J.H. Alexander, S.W. LaFavor, and J.A. McKinney) are identified as "Creek Indian," and J.A. Sanders is identified as a professor. The back of the photograph also reads “This picture property of J.V. McReynolds 1251 East Morphy St. Fort Worth Texas, Class 1891"
Date: 1891
Creator: McReynolds, John Virgil
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["This is Bunny" Paper Doll]

Description: A "This is Bunny" paper doll and assorted clothing, which were printed on pages in a book. The doll and several clothing pices have been cut out, with additional pages intact. The assorted clothing includes a collared yellow dress, green sweater, plaid coat, sailor dress and more.
Date: 1939
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[Every Man to His Station]

Description: Game board for "Every Man to His Station," which was originally published in 1825, with all hand-colored engravings. Each space on the board shows a different location or occupation common to early 17th century England. This version has an image of a church pasted in the center square.
Date: 1830~
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[Jane Arden Paper Doll]

Description: Clipping from a newspaper with a strip for "Jane Arden's Wardrobe" with illustrations of a woman and several dresses that could be cut out as a paper doll. The reverse includes a portion of the comic strip "Little Mary Mixup."
Date: August 20, 1939
Creator: Barrett, Monte & Ross, Russell E.
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[Bowles's Geographical Game of the World]

Description: Game board for "Bowles’s Geographical Game of the World" printed with a map of the world. It was meant to be played with multiple players, spinning a teetotum (spinning dice) to move their marker around the map, and to teach players basic facts about different parts of the world.
Date: [1803..1821]
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[NTTV Sports]

Description: Video footage of NTTV Sports coverage of University of North Texas and Boise State University football game. Includes interviews and a university sports teasers for Lady Eagle Basketball.
Date: 2003
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[The Guest Book]

Description: The guest-book: in which may be recorded the coming and the going of guests, with pages for autographs, incidents, and sketches pertaining to pleasant visits, social calls, and other gatherings designed and illustrated by Annie F. Cox. This book was part of the private library of Mrs. Delas A. Blodgett, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bound in olive green cloth over boards; gilt lettering and brown-stamped decorations. The signatures on the first page include that of Delas A. Blodgett, Daisy P. Blodgett of Mackinac Island and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The guest book also includes verses, encouraging friends and visitors to "leave here in the book sacred to friendship some recording of your tarrying." Many pages of autographs are interspersed throughout the book with illustrated half-titles. On the first page for signatures is the inscription, "Perfect equality of rights for women - civil & political - is the demand of yours gratefully, Susan B. Anthony - Rochester - N. Y. In this lovely home from Nov. 22 to 24 - 1897 - equality reigns!!"
Date: 1891
Creator: Cox, Annie F.
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Annette Lawrence Interview Audio Recording

Description: An audio recording Annette Lawrence created of an interview with her conducted by Jerome Weeks of KERA radio at the Greater Denton Arts Council's (GDAC) Patterson-Appleton Arts Center on November 15, 2019. The interview was conducted as part of KERA's State of the Arts series and was open to a public audience. Lawrence and Weeks are introduced by GDAC executive director Georgina Ngozi and questions are taken from the audience following the interview. During the interview, Weeks and Lawrence discuss Lawrence's work, particularly her show More Time which was on view at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center at the time of the interview and installation work she has done for other venues including Coin Toss, a permanent installation at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Other topics discussed include the influence of the Brooklyn Bridge on Lawrences work, the everyday materials like string she uses in her sculptural work, journalling and recording time, the use of data in her work, representations and erasures of African-American experiences in art and literature. Audience questions addressed topics of plans to digitize Lawrence's work, her process in creating her work, and the influence of the lunar calendar and menstrual cycles, erasure as a concept, and music on her work.
Date: November 15, 2019
Creator: Lawrence, Annette, 1965-
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Friday Night in the Coliseum

Description: Friday Night in the Coliseum is a short film featuring wrestling performances recorded at the Sam Houston Coliseum, in Houston, Texas, along with interviews with audience members and wrestling promoter Paul Boesch. The film features many wrestlers who were well-known in Houston, including The Crusher, Nick Kozak, Red Bastien, Dory Funk, Stan Stasiak, Johnny Valentine, Thunderbolt Patterson and Wild Bull Curry. The creation of this film was supported by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, however, the film never aired on television.
Date: 1972
Creator: Winningham, Geoff & York, Jack
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Pickwick Abroad, introduction]

Description: Photograph of the first page introduction to the Pickwick Abroad serial compiled in a book. The page numbers from the Table of Contents on the opposite page are visible. The book is propped open on a white background.
Date: July 9, 2014
Creator: Dickens, Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[The History of Pendennis, frontispiece and title page]

Description: Photograph of a frontispiece illustration and the title page of The History of Pendennis. The image on the left details two men interacting outside on the street and a woman watching from a window. The note under it reads "Colonel Altamont refuses to move on." The image under the title on the right depicts a man and a woman with two cherubs and a semi-undressed woman holding onto them. The title page reads "The History of Pendennis Vol. 1 / By W. M. Thackeray / London. Bradbury & Evans. Bouverie Street. 1850." The book is propped open and a clear band is over the left-hand pages to hold them down.
Date: July 9, 2014
Creator: Thackeray, William Makepeace
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[Sunday Under Three Heads, front papers]

Description: Photograph of the front end-paper of the book Sunday Under Three Heads: As It Is, As Sabbath Bills Would Make It, As It Might Be. The cover is bordered with gold-stamped details and the pages are red, blue, green, and yellow marbling. There is also an illustration of a study with the name "Nicholas Frederic Brady" underneath it. There is also a place sticker at the top that reads "Cabinet IV, Shelf I". The book is resting on a clear book cradle.
Date: July 9, 2014
Creator: Sparks, Timothy; Dickens, Charles & Browne, Hablot K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections