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Primary view of Advanced, Graphite-Matrix, Dispersion-Type Fuel Systems and Research on Graphite. Annual Report, April 1, 1964--March 31, 1965.
Bokros, J. C.; Goeddel, W. V.; Lonsdale, H. K.; Price, R. J.; Tully Jr., G. R.; White, J. L. et al.
January 1, 1965
Primary view of The President's Authority to Conduct the War in Vietnam Without a Declaration of War by the Congress
Leng, Russell J.
October 29, 1965
Primary view of Poll Taxes Levied By States
Thornton, Robert L.
May 6, 1965
Primary view of The Mexican Farm Labor Program: References, 1951-1965
Heslet, Mary R.
June 7, 1965
Primary view of Evaluation of macroreticular anion exchange resin - RTA-893-R
Baumann, E. W.
June 7, 1965
Hansen, G.E.
January 1, 1965
Primary view of Comparison of SNAP-50/SPUR System With MHD, Brayton, Boiling Reactor and Thermionic Systems
Allen, J. E.
April 27, 1965
Primary view of Underground radioactive materials in 100-H and F plants
Herman, G. Jr.
October 29, 1965
Primary view of Spark-Source Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Common and Radiogenic Lead
Franklin, John C. & Griffin, E. B.
June 11, 1965
Primary view of Metallurgy Research Operation: Quarterly Progress Report, January - March 1965
Cadwell, J. J.; Bierlein, T. K.; Bement, A. L.; Dillon, R. L. & Wheeler, R. G.
April 15, 1965
Primary view of Fast Flux Test Facility Studies Progress Report: April 1965
Astley, E. R.
April 1965
Primary view of A Sequence for Predicting Waste Transport by Ground Water
Nelson, R. William
April 15, 1965
Primary view of Static Tests of Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum and Carbon Steel
Richman, R. B.
February 1965
Primary view of INDEX: a Computer Program for Indexing X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns
Goebel, J. B. & Wilson, Archie Spencer
January 1965
Primary view of Problems associated with the extension of the stratigraphic units of south-central Washington. Part II. The post basalt sediments
Brown, D.J. & Brown, R.E.
March 26, 1965
Primary view of University of Chicago Laboratory of Molecular Structure and Spectra Technical Report: 1964
University of Chicago. Laboratory of Molecular Structure and Spectra.
Primary view of Spectral Representation and Criticality Problem of a Two-Region Cell Transport Operator
Pollack, Israel & Bareiss, Erwin
Primary view of The Foote Creek and Dutton Creek Formations, Two New Formations in the North Part of the Laramie Basin, Wyoming
Hyden, Harold J.; McAndrews, Harry & Tschudy, Robert H.
Primary view of Nomenclature and Correlation of Lithologic Subdivisions of the Jefferson and Three Forks Formations of Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming
Sandberg, Charles A.
Primary view of Changes in Stratigraphic Nomenclature by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1963
Cohee, George V. & West, Walter S.
Primary view of Final Report: Investigation of Boiling Flow Regimes and Critical Heat Flux
Suo, M.; Bergles, Arthur E.; Doyle, Edward F.; Clawson, L. & Goldberg, P.
March 1, 1965
Primary view of The Development of an Improved Thermionic Energy Converter: Third Quarterly Technical Report
Radio Corporation of America. Direct Energy Conversion Department.
April 1965
Primary view of QUARTERLY PROGRESS REPORT Research and development activities: fixation of radioactive residues. July-September 1965
Platt, A.M. (ed.)
October 1, 1965
Primary view of Perched Ground Water in Zeolitized-Bedded Tuff, Rainier Mesa and Vicinity, Nevada Test Site, Nevada
Thordarson, William
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