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Primary view of Health Protection in Beryllium Facilities Summary of Ten Years of Experience
Breslin, A. J. & Harris, W. B.
May 1, 1958
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, May 29, 1959
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
May 29, 1959
Primary view of A System for the Automatic Computation of Disintegration Rates From Radiochemical Data
Collins, William R., Jr.
May 27, 1959
Primary view of The Scattering of Thermal Radiation Into Open Underground Shelters
Davis, T. P.; Miller, N. D.; Ely, T. S.; Basso, J. A. & Pearse, H. E.
May 1959
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR-II)
Koch, L. J.; Monson, H. O.; Okrent, D.; Levenson, M.; Simmons, W. R.; Humphreys, J. R. et al.
May 1957
Primary view of The Fabrication of Certain Jacketed Uranium Helices
Yaggee, F. L.
May 1957
Primary view of Calculations on U235 Fission Product Decay Chains
Faller, I. L.; Chapman, T. S. & West, J. M.
May 1952
Primary view of Theoretical Analysis of the Interference Effects of Several Supersonic Tunnel Walls Capable of Absorbing the Shock Caused by the Nose of a Model
Matthews, Clarence W.
May 26, 1958
Primary view of Experimental Evaluation of Swirl Can Elements for Hydrogen Fuel Combustor
Rayle, Warren D.; Jones, Robert E. & Friedman, Robert
May 13, 1957
Primary view of Altitude Performance of a Turbojet Engine Using Pentaborane Fuel
Sivo, Joseph N.
May 20, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of Flutter Characteristics of Three Low-Aspect-Ratio All-Movable Half-Span Control Surfaces at Mach Numbers From 1.49 to 2.87
Morgan, Homer G.; Figge, Irving E. & Presnell, John G., Jr.
May 2, 1958
Primary view of Some Effects of Flow Spoilers and of Aerodynamic Balance on the Oscillating Hinge Moments for a Swept Fin-Rudder Combination in a Transonic Wind Tunnel
Herr, Robert W.; Gibson, Frederick W. & Osborne, Robert S.
May 28, 1958
Primary view of Performance at Mach Numbers 3.07, 1.89, and 0 of Inlets Designed for Inlet-Engine Matching Up to Mach 3
Gertsma, L. W. & Beheim, M. A.
May 20, 1958
Primary view of Performance of Isentropic Nose Inlets at Mach Number of 5.6
Bernstein, Harry & Haefeli, Rudolph C.
May 6, 1954
Primary view of Investigation of Lithium Hydride and Magnesium as High-Temperature Internal Coolants With Several Skin Materials
Modisette, Jerry L.
May 28, 1958
Primary view of Effects of Modifications to a Control Surface on a 6-Percent-Thick Unswept Wing on the Transonic Control-Surface Flutter Derivatives
Wyss, John A.; Sorenson, Robert M. & Gambucci, Bruno J.
May 2, 1958
Primary view of A Summary of Results Obtained During Flight Simulation of Several Aircraft Prototypes With Variable-Stability Airplanes
McNeill, Walter E. & Creer, Brent Y.
May 25, 1956
Primary view of A Feasibility Study of the Flare-Cylinder Configuration as a Reentry Body Shape for an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
Hall, James R. & Garland, Benjamine J.
May 28, 1958
Primary view of The Effect of Blunt-Trailing-Edge Modifications on the High-Speed Stability and Control Characteristics of a Swept-Wing Fighter Airplane
Sadoff, Melvin; Matteson, Frederick H. & Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.
May 26, 1954
Primary view of Analysis of pressure distributions for a series of tip and trailing-edge controls on a 60 deg wing at Mach numbers of 1.61 and 2.01
Lord, Douglas R. & Czarnecki, K. R.
May 16, 1958
Primary view of NACA Investigations of Icing-Protection Systems for Turbojet-Engine Installations
von Glahn, Uwe; Callaghan, Edmund E. & Gray, Vernon H.
May 2, 1951
Primary view of Investigation of Ejection Releases of an MB-1 Rocket From a 0.04956-Scaled Model of the Convair F-106A Airplane at Mach Number 1.59
Lee, John B.
May 20, 1957
Primary view of De-Icing and Runback Characteristics of Three Cyclic Electric, External De-Icing Boots Employing Chordwise Shedding
Ruggeri, Robert S.
May 25, 1953
Primary view of Longitudinal Aerodynamic Characteristics of Various Configurations of a Revised 1/22-Scale Model of the Republic F-105 Airplane at Mach Numbers of 1.41 and 2.01
Foster, Gerald V.
May 4, 1956
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