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Primary view of Methods of shutting off water in oil and gas wells
Tough, F. B.
January 1, 1918
Primary view of Vapor pressure of various compounds at low temperatures
Burrell, G. A. & Robertson, I. W.
January 1, 1916
Primary view of On a New Exogyra From the Del Rio Clay and Some Observations on the Evolution of Exogyra in the Texas Cretaceous
Böse, Emil, 1868-1927
January 5, 1919
Primary view of Special Studies in Electrolysis Mitigation: 4. A Preliminary Report on Electrolysis Mitigation in Elyria, Ohio, with Recommendations for Mitigation
McCollum, Burton & Logan, K. H.
January 22, 1916
Primary view of Durability of Stucco and Plaster Construction: Progress Report Containing Results of Investigations up to April, 1916
Wig, R. J.; Pearson, J. C. & Emley, W. E.
January 31, 1917
Primary view of Airplane stress analysis
Zahm, A. F. & Crook, L. H.
January 1918
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