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Primary view of A Study of the Current Transformer with Particular Reference to Iron Loss
Agnew, P. G.
Primary view of The Determination of the Constants of Instrument Transformers
Agnew, P. G. & Fitch, T. T.
Primary view of Aerodynamic Coefficients and Transformation Tables
Ames, Joseph S.
Primary view of Economic Methods of Utilizing Western Lignites
Babcock, E. J.
November 1915
Primary view of Life Zones and Crop Zones of New Mexico
Bailey, Vernon
September 5, 1913
Primary view of Revision of the Pocket Gophers of the Genus Thomomys
Bailey, Vernon
November 15, 1915
Primary view of Instruments for Recording Carbon Dioxide in Flue Gases
Barkley, J. F. & Flagg, S. B.
Primary view of The Decline and Ultimate Production of Oil Wells, with Notes on the Valuation of Oil Properties
Beal, Carl H.
Primary view of Foundry-Cupola Gases and Temperatures
Belden, A. W.
Primary view of Metallurgical Coke
Belden, A. W.
September 1913
Primary view of Washing and Coking Tests of Coal at the Fuel-Testing Plant at the Fuel Testing Plant, Denver, Colo., July 1, 1908, to June 30, 1909
Belden, A. W.; Delamater, G. R.; Groves, J. W. & Way, K. M.
Primary view of The Upper Cretaceous and Eocene floras of South Carolina and Georgia
Berry, Edward Wilber
Primary view of Meteorology and Aeronautics
Blair, William R.
Primary view of Waste of Oil and Gas in the Mid-Continent Fields
Blatchley, Raymond S.
May 1914
Primary view of Geology and Ore Deposits of the Park City District, Utah
Boutwell, John Mason
Primary view of Construction and Operation of a Single-Tube Cracking Furnace for Making Gasoline
Bowie, C. P.
July 1915
Primary view of Oil-storage Tanks and Reservoirs with a Brief Discussion of Losses of Oil in Storage and Methods of Prevention
Bowie, C. P.
Primary view of Rock Quarrying for Cement Manufacture
Bowles, Oliver
June 1918
Primary view of Sandstone Quarrying in the United States
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of The Technology of Marble Quarrying
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Steaming Tests of Coals and Related Investigations: September 1, 1904, to December 31, 1908
Breckenridge, L. P.; Kreisinger, Henry & Ray, Walter T.
Primary view of Mineral Resources of Alaska: Report on Progress of Investigations in 1913
Brooks, Alfred H.
Primary view of Report on Progress of Investigations of Mineral Resources of Alaska in 1909
Brooks, Alfred H. (Alfred Hulse), 1871-1924
Primary view of Safety and Efficiency in Mine Tunneling
Brunton, David W. & Davis, John A.
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