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Carte du Gouvernement de l'Amerique.

Description: Chart describing the governmental structure of the political entities of the Americas circa 1719 as well as a general overview, including 4 drawings and 1 map. Contents: Instruction généralle -- Conseil de l'Amerique Septentrionalle -- Conseil de Terre Ferme -- Conseil de l'Amerique Meridionalle -- Gouvernement Ecclésiastique -- Pais de l'Amerique appartenant aux autres puissances de l'Europe -- Carte de l'Amerique -- Revenue des Arch. et Eveschez de l'Amerique.
Date: 1719
Creator: Chatelain, Henri Abraham
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Le Chaperon Rouge]

Description: Photographs of "Le Chaperon rouge" (The Red Riding Hood), held by UNT Special Collections. The cover of the book contains an illustration framed an intricate gold frame. The illustration is of a young girl with red cap and dress, holding a basket filled with goodies. In front of her is a wolf. They are standing in the woods, the title at the top. Image 2, illustration of the young girl in red, retracting with a scared look from the wolf wearing a night cap in front of her in the bedroom they're in. The page on the left of it contains text with a sketch of a wolf in the top left and a sketch of the girl and wolf on the bottom right.
Date: March 2, 2020
Creator: Gellner, Megan
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

La fausse magie

Description: This is a ca. [1775] printed copy of the libretto of "La fausse magie" (The false magic), a two-act comic opera by Jean François Marmontel, set to music by Grétry. [The opera was staged for the first time at the Théâtre Français à La Haye, on Thursday, November 30, 1775.] The final scene of act two contains the music of the couplets on pp. 47-48. The library's copy of the libretto is bound with the libretto of M. Anseaume's comic opera, "Le tableau parlant."
Date: 1775
Creator: Marmontel, Jean François, 1723-1799
Partner: UNT Libraries