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Primary view of Annual Report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (42nd). Administrative Report Including Technical Report Nos. 1254 to 1295
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Primary view of Investigations toward simplification of missile control systems
Curfman, Howard J., Jr.; Strass, H. Kurt & Crane, Harold L.
November 12, 1953
Primary view of Comparison of the performance of a helicopter-type ram-jet engine under various centrifugal loadings
Radin, Edward J. & Carpenter, Paul J.
October 7, 1953
Primary view of Large-scale low-speed wind-tunnel tests of a model having a 60 degree delta horizontal canard control surface and wing to obtain static-longitudinal-stability and canard surface hinge-moment data
Burrows, Dale L.
June 17, 1954
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation to Determine the Horizontal- and Vertical-Tail Contributions to the Static Lateral Stability Characteristics of a Complete-Model Swept-Wing Configuration at High Subsonic Speeds
Wiggins, James W.; Kuhn, Richard E. & Fournier, Paul G.
July 10, 1953
Primary view of Reciprocity relations in aerodynamics
Heaslet, Max A. & Spreiter, John R.
May 1952
Primary view of Rocket-Model Investigation to Determine the Hinge-Moment and Normal-Force Properties of a Full-Span, Constant-Chord, Partially Balanced Trailing-Edge Control on a 60 Degree Clipped Delta Wing Between Mach Numbers of 0.50 and 1.26
Martz, C. William & Goslee, John W.
October 30, 1953
Primary view of A pressure-distribution investigation of a fineness-ratio-12.2 parabolic body of revolution (NACA RM-10) at M = 1.59 and angles of attack up to 36 degrees
Cooper, Morton; Gapcynski, John P. & Hasel, Lowell E.
October 30, 1952
Primary view of A study of the use of various high-lift devices on the horizontal tail of a canard airplane model as a means of increasing the allowable center-of-gravity travel
Johnson, Joseph L., Jr.
January 21, 1953
Primary view of The Effects of a Small Jet of Air Exhausting From the Nose of a Body of Revolution in Supersonic Flow
Love, Eugene S.
November 12, 1952
Primary view of A Low-Speed Experimental Investigation of the Effect of a Sandpaper Type of Roughness on Boundary-Layer Transition
Horton, Elmer A. & von Doenhoff, Albert E.
Primary view of A Comparison of Theory and Experiment for High-Speed Free-Molecule Flow
Stalder, Jackson R.; Goodwin, Glen & Creager, Marcus O.
Primary view of Two-dimensional subsonic compressible flows past arbitrary bodies by the variational method
Wang, Chi-Teh
March 1951
Primary view of A Transistorized Pulse Height Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy
Graveson, R. T.
March 23, 1959
Primary view of In Vivo Gamma Counting Method of Determining Uranium Lung Burden in Humans
Cofield, Rogers E.
June 23, 1959
Primary view of Accidental Radiation Excursion at the Y-12 Plant, June 16, 1958: Final Report
Patton, F. S.; Bailey, J. C.; Callihan, A. D.; Googin, J. M.; Jasny, G. R.; McAlduff, H. J. et al.
September 12, 1958
Primary view of Portable Mercury Vapor Detector
McMurray, C. S. & Redmond, J. W.
March 14, 1958
Primary view of Uranium Concentration Meter
Arnett, Orville
September 24, 1956
Primary view of A Continuous Water Monitor for Detecting PPM Quantities of Alkali Metals
Been, Julian F.
June 20, 1955
Primary view of Production of Zirconium at Y-12
Ramsey, J. W. & Whitson, W. K., Jr.
November 17, 1955
Primary view of Status Report and Plant Proposals for Zirconium Purification
Leaders, W. M.
November 18, 1955
Primary view of Separation of Zirconium & Hafnium : Proposal for Construction & Operation of Zirconium Production Plant
Googin, J. M. & Strasser, G. A.
November 17, 1955
Primary view of Zirconium-Hafnium Separation : Mixer-Settler Studies : Final Report
Waldrop, F. B.; Ward, W. T. & Leaders, W. M.
November 17, 1955
Primary view of Report of the Forty-Fourth National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1959
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
December 18, 1959
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