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Primary view of Final Report : Large Reactor Study for Sea Water Distillation
Bechtel Corporation
July 1963
Primary view of Single Particle Excitation Theory Of The Photonuclear Giant Resonance
Buskirk, F.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Materials for Superheated Fuel Sheaths: Relative Performance of Alloys in Superheated Steam Environments
Comprelli, F. A.; MacMillan, D. F. & Spalaris, C. N.
July 1963
Primary view of Water Spectra and Energy Exchange Kernels
Daitch, Paul B. (Paul Bernard), 1925- & Ohanian, M. J.
July 11, 1963
Primary view of Regional Hydrology of a Part of Southern Nevada: a Reconnaissance
Eakin, Thomas E.; Schoff, Stuart L. & Cohen, Philip
July 1963
Primary view of Mass Systematics Involving Low-Lying Excited States
Everling, F.
July 3, 1963
Primary view of Process Simulation on a Digital Computer Using Analog Methods
Farris, George J. & Burkhart, Lawrence E.
July 10, 1963
Primary view of Development of Pulsed Neutron Application to Power Reactor Start-Up Procedures. Fifth Quarterly Progress Report, April 1-June 30, 1963
Garelis, Edward & Meyer, P.
July 15, 1963
Primary view of EDP Procedures in Technical Library Operations
Griffin, Hillis L.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: March 1, 1963 - June 1, 1963
Hardy, Edward P., Jr.; Rivera, Joseph & Collins, William R., Jr.
July 1, 1963
Primary view of High Power Density Development Project: Thirteenth Quarterly Progress Report, April-June 1963
Holladay, R. L.
July 1, 1963
Primary view of Fuel Cycle Program Progress Report: Twelfth Quarter, April-June 1963
Howard, C. L.
July 5, 1963
Primary view of An Alpha Scintillation Tester for Uranium Surface Contamination of N-Reactor Fuel
Jackson, C. N., Jr.
July 1963
Primary view of Feasibility of Constructing Large Underground Cavities: Volume 3, Report on Cost and Constructability
Jacobs Associates
July 3, 1963
Primary view of Specific Zirconium Alloy Design Program Quarterly Progress Report: Fifth Quarter, April - June, 1963
Klepfer, H. H.; Jaech, John L.; Blood, R. E. & Douglass, D. L. (David Leslie), 1931-
July 1, 1963
Primary view of The Hanford Isotopes Production Plant Engineering Study
La Riviere, J. R.; Michels, L. R.; Riches, H. C.; Rohrmann, C. A.; Smith, C. W. & Swift, W. H.
July 1963
Primary view of Sodium-Cooled Reactors Program, Fast Ceramic Reactor Development Program: Seventh Quarterly Report, April-June 1963
Leitz, F. J.
July 1963
Primary view of In-Core Instrumentation Development Program, Telemetering Transmitters for In-Core Power Monitoring Final Report
McQueen, A. H.
July 1963
Primary view of An Electrostatic Precipitator for the Collection of Aerosol Samples for Particle Size Analysis
Mercer, Thomas T.; Tillery, Marvin I. & Flores, M. A.
July 1963
Primary view of Ground-Water Test Well 2, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada: A Summary of Lithologic Data, Aquifer Tests, and Well Construction
Moore, John E.; Doyle, Alan C.; Walker, George E.; Young, Richard A. & Carroll, Roderick D.
July 18, 1963
Primary view of Theoretical Studies of the Behavior of Ions in Aqueous Solutions of Mixed Electrolytes With Respect to Osmionic Cell Operation
Murphy, George W. & Matthews, Robert R.
July 1963
Primary view of Gas-Cooled Reactor Project Semiannual Progress Report: March 1963
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
July 23, 1963
Primary view of General and Localized Corrosion Studies of Type 300 Series Austenitic Stainless Steels in Simulated Superheat Reactor Environment
Pearl, W. L.; Gaul, G. G. & Wozadlo, G. P.
July 1963
Primary view of The Strain Aging and Heat Treatment Properties of N-Reactor Connector Tubes
Pessl, H. J.
July 30, 1963
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