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Primary view of The drag of two streamline bodies as affected by protuberances and appendages
Abbott, Ira H.
September 26, 1932
Primary view of Reactor Development Program Progress Report: September 1966
Adams, R. M. & Glassner, A.
October 26, 1966
Primary view of The Aerodynamic Characteristics of Airfoils at Negative Angles of Attack
Anderson, Raymond F.
February 26, 1932
Primary view of Flight Investigation of the Low-Speed Characteristics of a 35 Degree Swept-Wing Airplane Equipped with an Area-Suction Ejector Flap and Various Wing Leading-Edge Devices
Anderson, Seth B.; Faye, Alan E., Jr. & Innis, Robert C.
September 26, 1957
Primary view of Investigation at transonic speeds of loading over a 30 degree sweptback wing of aspect ratio 3, taper ratio 0.2, and NACA 65A004 airfoil section mounted on a body
Arabian, Donald D.
September 26, 1957
Primary view of Altitude-Chamber Performance of British Rolls-Royce Nene II Engine 2: 18.41-Inch-Diameter Jet Nozzle
Armstrong, J. C.; Wilsted, H. D. & Vincent, K. R.
October 26, 1949
Primary view of Preliminary reconnaissance of the central Zuni uplift, New Mexico
Baumgardner, Luther
November 26, 1956
Primary view of Dissolution of Aluminum-Canned Thorium
Beach, John G.; Schickner, William C. & Faust, Charles L.
July 26, 1955
Primary view of The Scandium-Yttrium and Scandium-Zirconium System
Beaudry, B. J. & Daane, A. H.
October 26, 1962
Primary view of Photographic study of combustion in a rocket engine I : variation in combustion of liquid oxygen and gasoline with seven methods of propellant injection
Bellman, Donald R. & Humphrey, Jack C.
August 26, 1948
Primary view of The High Temperature Heat Contents and Related Thermodynamic Properties of Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Europium, Ytterbium and Yttrium
Berg, J. R.; Spedding, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1902- & Daene, A. H.
July 26, 1961
Primary view of Spin and Recovery Characteristics of the Curtiss-Wright XP-87 Airplane
Berman, Theodore
May 26, 1947
Primary view of Heat transfer from finned metal cylinders in an air stream
Biermann, Arnold E. & Pinkel, Benjamin
April 26, 1934
Primary view of Solid State Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending August 31, 1957
Billington, D. S. & Crawford, J. H., Jr.
November 26, 1957
Primary view of Physics of Solids Institute Quarterly Progress Report [for] Period Ending April 30, 1951
Billington, D. S. & Howe, J. T.
November 26, 1951
Primary view of Effects of Compressibility at Mach Numbers Up to 0.8 on Internal-Flow Characteristics of a Cowling-Spinner Combination Equipped With an Eight-Blade Dual-Rotation Propeller
Bingham, Gene J. & Keith, Arvid L., Jr.
June 26, 1953
Primary view of Some effects of frequency on the contribution of a vertical tail to the free aerodynamic damping of a model oscillating in yaw
Bird, John D.; Fisher, Lewis R. & Hubbard, Sadie M.
November 26, 1951
Primary view of Dissolution of Power Reactor Fuel Cores
Blaine, H. T.
August 26, 1960
Primary view of A Summary of the Low-Lift Drag and Longitudinal Trim Characteristics of Two Versions of an Interceptor-Type Airplane as Determined From Flight Tests of Rocket-Powered Models at Mach Numbers Between 0.75 and 1.78
Blanchard, Willard S., Jr.
November 26, 1954
Primary view of Experimental Study and Analysis of Loading and Pressure Distributions on Delta Wings Due to Thickness and to Angle of Attack at Supersonic Speeds
Boatright, William B.
December 26, 1956
Primary view of The effects of compressibility on the pressures on a body of revolution and on the aerodynamic characteristics of a wing-nacelle combination consisting of the body of revolution mounted on a swept-back wing
Boltz, Frederick W. & Beam, Benjamin H.
July 26, 1950
Primary view of Measurements of Boundary-Layer Transition at Low Speed on Two Bodies of Revolution in a Low-Turbulence Wind Tunnel
Boltz, Frederick W.; Kenyon, George C. & Allen, Clyde Q.
September 26, 1956
Primary view of Heat Transfer Measured in Free Flight on a Slightly Blunted 25 Degree Cone-Cylinder-Flare Configuration at Mach Numbers Up to 9.89
Bond, Aleck C.; Lee, Dorothy B. & Rumsey, Charles B.
September 26, 1958
Primary view of Preliminary wind-tunnel investigation of the effect of area suction on the laminar boundary layer over an NACA 64A010 airfoil
Braslow, Albert L.; Visconti, Fioravante & Burrows, Dale L.
April 26, 1948
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