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Primary view of Dynamic Isotope Power System: technology verification phase, program plan, 1 October 1978
unknown creator
January 15, 1979
Primary view of Elastic and plastic deformation of solids. Final report, February 1, 1960--January 31, 1976
Ruoff, A. L.
July 15, 1976
Primary view of Engineering and economic studies for direct applications of geothermal energy in an industrial park in Pahoa, Hawaii. Quarterly technical progress report number 4
unknown creator
October 15, 1980
Primary view of Summary report of the compressive creep properties of irradiated and unirradiated molybdenum. [Fast neutrons]
Zielinski, R. E.
April 15, 1977
Primary view of Temperature Distributions in Electron Beam Welding Cavities
Shintaku, S. M.
July 15, 1976
Primary view of Number systems: cross-reference guide MCS-8 microcomputer. [Decimal binary, octal, and hexidecimal number systems equivalents, and corresponding teletype characters]
Ball, M.
August 15, 1974
Primary view of Energy transport control in window systems
Berlad, A. L.; Salzano, F. J. & Batey, J.
September 15, 1976
Primary view of Brayton Isotope Power System (BIPS) design layout summary
unknown creator
June 15, 1976
Primary view of Systems study of fuels from grains and grasses. Quarterly progress report, July--October 1976
Benson, W.; Allen, A.; Athey, R. & McElroy, A.
November 15, 1976
Primary view of Transferring the technology of welding and bonding: hands-on courses at LLL make it possible
Jensen, C. W. & Hugenberger, C. E.
August 15, 1976
Primary view of The effects of moisture on the microstructure of cement-based materials
Jennings, H. M.
July 15, 1992
Primary view of Uranium miner lung cancer study. Progress report, July 1, 1975--July 1, 1976
Saccomanno, G.
September 15, 1976
Primary view of Conceptual design report for the Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC
unknown creator
June 15, 1992
Primary view of Energy and protein production from pulp mill wastes. Progress report, September 15, 1976--December 15, 1976
Jurgensen, M. F. & Patton, J. T.
December 15, 1976
Primary view of FFTF operating and administrative index
unknown creator
October 15, 1976
Primary view of CTR plasma engineering studies. Progress report, 1 September 1975--30 Jun 1976
Miley, G. H.
April 15, 1976
Primary view of Solar pilot plant, phase I. Quarterly report No. 4, July--September 1976
unknown creator
January 15, 1977
Primary view of Atmospheric dispersion and noise propagation at Imperial Valley Geothermal Fields
Kelly, R. E.
April 15, 1976
Primary view of Inborn anemias in mice. Progress report to accompany twenty-first renewal proposal, 1 May 1975--30 April 1976
Russell, E. S. & Bernstein, S. E.
May 15, 1976
Primary view of LIMB Demonstration Project Extension
unknown creator
September 15, 1988
Primary view of Maximization of energy in the output of a linear system. [LOPAS]
Dudley, D. G.
April 15, 1976
Primary view of The solubility of uranium hexafluoride in perfluoroethers
Barber, E. J.
July 15, 1984
Primary view of Final report on a calculational parameter study of soils typical of some ESSEX I cratering sites
Goodrich, Milton F.; Bryan, John B.; Thomsen, Jeffrey M. & Snell, Charles M.
March 15, 1976
Primary view of Slifers revisited: a method for determining yields independent of radiochemical measurements
Rambo, J. T.
October 15, 1976
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