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Primary view of Reconfigurable Surface Plasmon Polariton Wave Adapter Designed by Transformation Optics
Arigong, Bayaner; Shao, Jin; Ren, Han; Zheng, Geng; Lutkenhaus, Jeffrey; Kim, HyoungSoo et al.
June 18, 2012
Primary view of Specialized Research Datasets in the CiteSeer˟ Digital Library
Bhatia, Sumit; Caragea, Cornelia; Chen, Hung-Hsuan; Wu, Jian; Treeratpituk, Pucktada; Wu, Zhaohui et al.
June 14, 2012
Primary view of Thread Specific Features Are Helpful For Identifying Subjectivity Orientation of Online Forum Threads
Biyani, Prakhar; Bhatia, Sumit; Caragea, Cornelia & Mitra, Prasenjit
October 2012
Primary view of Combining Hashing and Abstraction in Sparse High Dimensional Feature Spaces
Caragea, Cornelia; Silvescu, Adrian & Mitra, Prasenjit
Primary view of Protein Sequence Classification Using Feature Hashing
Caragea, Cornelia; Silvescu, Adrian & Mitra, Prasenjit
June 21, 2012
Primary view of Methods and Systems for Indoor Navigation
Dantu, Ram
June 7, 2012
Primary view of 3D Reconstruction Using Lidar and Visual Images
Duraisamy, Prakash
December 2012
Primary view of Towards Effective Tutorial Feedback for Explanation Questions: A Dataset and Baselines
Dzikovska, Myroslava O.; Nielsen, Rodney D. & Brew, Chris
June 2012
Primary view of Reducing Our Carbon Footprint through Ridesharing
Garrett, Kim; Bell, Jesse; Huang, Yan & Powell, James
Primary view of Shared Ride: Transportation, Carbon Footprint and Ridesharing
Garrett, Kim; Bell, Jesse; Huang, Yan & Powell, James
Primary view of A Novel Space Partitioning Algorithm to Improve Current Practices in Facility Placement
Jimenez, Tamara; Mikler, Armin R. & Tiwari, Chetan
May 3, 2012
Primary view of Swarm-Copters Senior Design Project: Simulating UAV Swarm Networks Using Quadcopters for Search and Rescue Applications
Moudy, Mark; Namuduri, Kamesh & Keathly, David
April 19, 2012
Primary view of A web-based multi-genome synteny viewer for customized data
Revanna, Kashi V.; Munro, Daniel; Gao, Alvin; Chiu, Chi-Chen; Pathak, Anil & Dong, Qunfeng
August 2, 2012
Primary view of Evaluation of the RDP Classifier Accuracy Using 16S rRNA Gene Variable Regions
Vilo, Claudia A. & Dong, Qunfeng
March 12, 2012
Primary view of Draft Genome Sequence of the Cyanide-Utilizing Bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain NCIMB 11764
Vilo, Claudia A.; Benedik, Michael J.; Kunz, Daniel A. & Dong, Qunfeng
November 9, 2012
Primary view of Do Open-Source Software Development Teams Have Enough Eyes?
Widick, Logan & Verrill, Diane
April 19, 2012
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