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Primary view of Reconnaissance of Field Sites for the Study of Chemical Weathering on the Guayana Shield, South America
Steefell, C. I.; Viani, B. E.; Ramirez, A. & Lee, K.
February 1, 2003
Primary view of New Approaches to Quantum Computing Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Colvin, M. & Krishnan, V. V.
February 7, 2003
Primary view of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with High Spatial Resolution
Huser, T R
February 4, 2003
Primary view of Simulating Fine-Scale Atmospheric Processes: A New Core Capability and its Application to Predicting Wildfire Behavior
Bradley, M M; Leach, M J; Molenkamp, C R; Hall, C H; Wilder, L & Neher, L A
February 7, 2003
Primary view of Results from the First {sup 249}Cf + {sup 48}Ca Experiment
Oganessian, Y T; Utyonkov, V K; Lobanov, Y V; Abdullin, F S; Polyakov, A N; Shirokovsky, I V et al.
February 3, 2003
Primary view of Study of the Ionization Dynamics and Equation of State of a Strongly Coupled Plasma
Shepherd, R; Audebert, P; Geindre, J P; Iglesias, C; Foord, M; Rogers, F et al.
February 6, 2003
Primary view of Nuclear Energy Research Initiative Program (NERI) Quarterly Progress Report; New Design Equations for Swelling and Irradiation Creep in Generation IV Reactors
Wolfer, W. G.; Surh, M. P.; Garner, F. A.; Chrzan, D. C.; Schaldach, C. & Sturgeon, J. B.
February 13, 2003
Primary view of PNNL DOE-Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) FY2003 Program Evaluation
Wright, Patrick A.; Bowers, Harold N.; Madson, Vernon J.; Isern, Nancy G.; Collins, Drue A.; Haney, Janice M. et al.
February 6, 2003
Primary view of Assessing the Potential for Renewable Energy on Public Lands
unknown creator
February 1, 2003
Primary view of Novel Application of Fiber Optic Sensor for Characterizing Real-Time Contaminant Transport in Rapid Storm Runoff
Campbell, C G; Richards, J; Zavarin, M; Stratton, P; Coty, J & Laycak, D
February 7, 2003
Primary view of Chemistry and Materials Science, A Collection of Articles from Science & Technology Review
Diaz de la Rubia, T
February 5, 2003
Primary view of Cold Dissolved Saltcake Waste Simulant Development, Preparation, and Analysis
Rassat, Scot D.; Mahoney, Lenna A.; Russell, Renee L.; Bryan, Samuel A. & Sell, Rachel L.
February 25, 2003
Primary view of An Evaluation of DOE-EM Public Participation Programs
Bradbury, Judith A.; Branch, Kristi M. & Malone, Elizabeth L.
February 28, 2003
Primary view of Analysis of Induced Gas Releases During Retrieval of Hanford Double-Shell Tank Waste
Wells, Beric E.
February 19, 2003
Primary view of Reference Artifacts for NDE
Bono, M.; Hibbard, R. & Martz, H. E.
February 11, 2003
Primary view of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Codes Validation
Savy, J B
February 8, 2003
Primary view of NIF-0096141-OA Prop Simulations of NEL PBRS Measurements
Widmayer, C. & Manes, K.
February 21, 2003
Primary view of Compressibility Corrections to Closure Approximations for Turbulent Flow Simulations
Cloutman, L D
February 1, 2003
Primary view of Final Report 02-ERD-056 Active Load Control& Mitigation Using Microtabs: A Wind Energy Application
Nakafuji, D Y
February 24, 2003
Primary view of High Performance Networks for High Impact Science
Scott, Mary A. & Bair, Raymond A.
February 13, 2003
Primary view of Radiological Conditions on Rongelap Atoll: Perspective on Resettlement of Rongelap Atoll
Hamilton, T F
February 1, 2003
Primary view of Hydrologic Characterization Using Vadose Zone Monitoring Tools: Status Report
Gee, Glendon W.; Ward, Anderson L.; Sisson, James B.; Hubbell, Joel M.; Myers, David A. & Sydnor, Harold A.
February 1, 2003
Primary view of Feasibility Study on Using a Single Mixer Pump for Tank 241-AN-101 Waste Retrieval
Onishi, Yasuo; Wells, Beric E.; Yokuda, Satoru T. & Terrones, Guillermo
February 11, 2003
Primary view of Single Molecule Techniques for Advanced in situ Hybridization
Hollars, C. W.; Stubbs, L.; Carlson, K.; Lu, X. & Wehri, E.
February 3, 2003
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