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Primary view of 0. 20-m (8-in.) Primary Burner Development Report
Stula, R. T.; Young, D. T. & Rode, J. S.
December 1977
Primary view of 1/5-scale experiment of a Mark I boiling-water reactor pressure-suppression system under hypothetical LOCA conditions
Pitts, J. H. & McCauley, E. W.
July 8, 1977
Primary view of 2. 05 x 10/sup 9/ age of the Oklo uranium deposit
Gancarz, A. J.
January 1, 1977
Primary view of 2-mm microwave interferometer
Futch, A. H. & Mortensen, W. K.
March 1, 1977
Primary view of 2-MW plasmajet facility thermal tests of concrete. [PWR and BWR]
Goin, Kenneth L.
July 1, 1977
Primary view of 3-D nonlinear evolution of MHD instabilities
Bateman, G.; Hicks, H. R. & Wooten, J. W.
March 1, 1977
Primary view of 3-dimensional beam scanning system for particle radiation therapy
Leemann, C.; Alonso, J.; Grunder, H.; Hoyer, E.; Kalnins, G.; Rondeau, D. et al.
March 1977
Primary view of 4. pi. interferometric measurements of laser fusion targets
Weinstein, B.W.; Willenborg, D.L.; Weir, J.T. & Hendricks, C.D.
September 29, 1977
Primary view of 10-75-kWe-reactor-powered organic Rankine-cycle electric power systems (ORCEPS) study. Final technical report
unknown creator
March 30, 1977
Primary view of 11 september
Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Carl
Primary view of 25 megajoule energy storage and delivery system for the Shiva laser
Gagnon, W.L.; Rupert, P. R.; Berkbigler, L.; Carder, B. M.; Gritton, D. G.; Holloway, R. W. et al.
October 18, 1977
Primary view of 40-kV, 25-ms neutral-beam power supply for TMX
Leavitt, G.A.
September 23, 1977
Primary view of 40 kW of solar cell modules for the Large Scale Production Task, a Low Cost Silicon Solar Array Project. Final technical report
Jones, G.T.
December 1, 1977
Primary view of ['77 Board of Regents Group Photo]
unknown creator
January 17, 1977
Primary view of 100 kJ ion beams for pellet implosions
Martin, R.L.
January 1, 1977
Primary view of 150 kWe solar-powered deep-well irrigation facility. Phase I. Preliminary design study. Final report
unknown creator
August 8, 1977
Primary view of 150-m measurement of 0. 880- to 100. 0-keV neutron transmissions through four samples of /sup 238/U
Olsen, D. K.; de Saussure, G.; Perez, R. B.; Difilippo, F. C.; Ingle, R. W. & Weaver, H.
October 1, 1977
Primary view of 236-Z canyon utilization study
Dixon, D.R
March 8, 1977
Primary view of 250 keV resonance in the total neutron cross section of /sup 6/Li
Smith, A. B.; Guenther, P.; Havel, D. & Whalen, J. F.
June 1, 1977
Primary view of 324 building safety analysis report supplement
Dodd, A. O. & Wittenbrock, N. G.
June 24, 1977
Primary view of 450/sup 0/F step transient thermal analysis of the LOFT pressurizer surge and spray line piping
Tolan, B.J.
July 7, 1977
Primary view of 880 nanosecond particle in cell mover for the CDC 7600
Estabrook, K. & Tull, J. E.
October 4, 1977
Primary view of 12G: code for conversion of isotope-ordered cross-section libraries into group-ordered cross-section libraries
Resnik, W. M. II & Bosler, G. E.
September 1, 1977
Primary view of 16th nuclear engineering education conference on international nuclear engineering: development and planning
unknown creator
January 1, 1977
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