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Primary view of Thermodynamics of Formation of ThMg2
Novotny, D. B. & Smith, J. F.
January 1963
Primary view of The Solubility of Holmium in Copper, Silver, and Gold
Wunderlin, W. J.; Beaudry, B. J. & Daane, A. H.
January 1963
Primary view of Niobium-Tin-Aluminum Alloy Studies
Ellis, Thomas Gordon & Wilhelm, Harley A.
February 1963
Primary view of Gamma Ray Efficiencies for Well Type Scintillation Crystals
Dingus, Ronald S. & Stewart, M. G.
February 8, 1963
Primary view of Least Structure Solution of Photonuclear Yield Functions
Cook, B. C.
Primary view of Spectrophotometric Determination of Scandium with Arsenazo
Onishi, Hiroshi & Banks, Charles V.
Primary view of Crystalline Field Splittings in Holmium and Dysprosium Ethylsulfates
Spedding, F. H.; Gerstein, B. C.; Haas, W. J.; Phillips, E. & Sutherland, W. L.
March 1963
Primary view of Complex Systems of the Rare Earth Metals With Glycolate, Lactate, and α-Hydroxyisobutyrate Ligands
Powell, J. E.; Karraker, R. H.; Kolat, R. S. & Farrell, J. L.
February 21, 1963
Primary view of Magnetostriction in Dy and Ho
Legvold, S.; Alstad, J. & Rhyne, J.
Primary view of The Inference of Adsorption from Differential Double Layer Capacitance Measurements
Hansen, Robert S.; Kelsh, Dennis J. & Grantham, D. H.
April 26, 1963
Primary view of The Uranium-Rhenium Alloy System
Jackson, R. J. (Robert James), 1929-; Williams, D. E. & Larsen, W. L.
January 14, 1963
Primary view of Chemical Binding in the Water Molecule
Edmiston, Clyde & Ruedenberg, Klaus, 1920-
May 3, 1963
Primary view of Mass Spectrometric Evidence for the Pyridoxal-Leucine Reaction Mechanism
Junk, G. A. & Svec, H. J.
May 3, 1963
Primary view of Normal Elliptic Integrals of the First and Second Kinds
Carlson, B. C.
May 3, 1963
Primary view of Reinvestigation of the CC Stretching and CH3 Rocking Assignments In Isopropyl and tert-Butyl Halides
Hirschmann, R. P. & Kniseley, R. N.
May 3, 1963
Primary view of Isotopic Composition of Vanadium From Organic Sources
Calellen, Jennings; Flesch, Gerald D. & Svec, Harry J.
Primary view of Recent Developments in the Physics and Safety of Large Fast Power Reactors
Okrent, David
November 1963
Primary view of Mean Square Voltage Fluctuation Measurements With Neutron Sensitive Ion Chambers
DuBridge, R. A.
November 1963
Primary view of Beta Radiation Processing at Rigorous Conditions
Yavorsky, P. M. & Gorin, E.
November 15, 1963
Primary view of Development and Evaluation of Large Volume Scintillation Detectors and Their Application to Radioisotope Process Control
Perry, J. Kent
November 1963
Primary view of Development of Fueled Graphite Containing Pyrolytic-Carbon Coated Carbide Particles for Nonpurged, Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems
Carlsen, F. L., Jr.; Bomar, E. S. & Harms, W. O.
November 1963
Primary view of Radiation Chemistry of Ammonia Synthesis of Hydrazine
Puig, J. R. & Schwarz, E.
September 23, 1963
Primary view of Current-Carrying Capacity and Transition State of Superconducting Solenoids
Gauster, W. F. & Coffey, D. L.
September 3, 1963
Primary view of A Facility for the Production of Pu238
Tetzlaff, R. N.
September 1963
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