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Primary view of A Dynamic RF Phase Meter
Hahn, H. & Orgass, R.J.
Primary view of Spark-Chamber Labeling of Tracks in a Bubble Chamber
Fischer, J. & Zorn, G. T.
Primary view of The Magnetic Road: A New Form of Transport
Powell, James R.
Primary view of The Fast Rise Pulser
Kiriokos, George
June 26, 1962
Primary view of Hyperon Production by 3.25 Bev/c Antiprotons in Hydrogen
Baltay, C.; Fowler, E.C.; Sandweiss, J.; Sanford, J.R.; Taft, H.D.; Culwick, B.B. et al.
Primary view of Multi-pion Annihilation of 3.25 Bev/c Antiproton in Hydrogen
Ferbel, T.; Sandweiss, J.; Taft, H.D.; Gailloud, M.; Morris, T. M.; Lee, R.M. et al.
Primary view of Antiproton-Proton Two-Prong Interactions at 3.25 Bev/c
Ferbel, T.; Sandweiss, J.; Taft, H.D.; Culwick, B.B.; Gailloud, M.; Morris, T.W. et al.
Primary view of The Separated Beam at the AGS - Performance with Antiprotons and π⁺ Mesons
Baltay, C.; Sandweiss, J.; Sanford, J.; Brown, H.; Webster, M. & Yamamoto, S.
Primary view of K⁻ -p Interactions at 2.24 Bev/c II: Production Properties
Bertanza, L.; Brisson, V.; Connolly, P.L.; Hart, E. L.; Mittra, I.S.; Moneti, G.C. et al.
Primary view of Use of an Analogue Computer in Studies of Strontium and Calcium Metabolism in Man
Robertson, J. S. & Cohn, S. H.
Primary view of Recoil Atom Reaction and Annealing Processes in Cobaltic Hexammine Bromide*
Yoshihara, Kenji & Harbottle, Garman
Primary view of Second Order Effects of Nuclear Magnetic Fields
Sternheim, Morton M.
Primary view of The Effects of Chronic Gamma Irradiation of the Apical Meristem and Bud Formation of Taxus Media
Miksche, J. P.; Sparrow, A. H. & Rogers, Anne F.
Primary view of Molecular Geometry and the Vapor Pressure of Isotopic Molecules: C₂H₃D and C¹²H₂=C¹³H₂
Bigeleisen, Jacob; Stern, Marvin J. & Van Hook, W. Alexander
Primary view of A Computer Program to Optimize Magnets in a Beam Transport System*
Baker, W. F.
Primary view of On the Synergistic Effect in Solvent Extraction
Newman, Leonard
June 1962
Primary view of High Voltage Electron Beam Welding of W-RE Thermocouples
Doyle, J.
December 13, 1962
Primary view of The Thermal Expansion of Five Titanium Carbide Cermets from 68 to 1800F
Harrington, L. C. & Rowe, G. H.
August 17, 1962
Primary view of Design Criteria for Reactor Test Support Facility at NRTS
Macfarlane, D. B.
September 14, 1962
Primary view of Alkali Metal Physical Properties Program at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft-CANEL
Kapelner, S. M. & Cleary, Robert E., 1920-
June 15, 1962
Primary view of Design Criteria for Lithium-Cooled Reactor Experiment (LCRE) at NRTS
Hedden, D. T.
September 4, 1962
Primary view of Refractory Metals as Alkali Liquid Metal Containment Materials
Cleary, Robert E., 1920-
June 15, 1962
Primary view of Trend Orebodies of the Section 27 Mine, Ambrosia Lake Uranium District, New Mexico
Kendall, Ernest Whitney
Primary view of Trace elements reconnaissance investigations in New Mexico and adjoining states in 1951
Bachman, George Odell & Read, Charles B.
October 1962
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