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Primary view of Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Physical Properties of Elastics
Harrington, Robert
January 20, 1961
Primary view of Evaluation of Iron- and Nickel-Base Alloys for Medium and High Temperature Reactor Applications, Part 1
Pessl, H. J.
February 1961
Primary view of Final Design Report: DR-1 Gas Loop
Baars, R. E.
March 1961
Primary view of Plutonium Spike Fuel Elements for the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor: Part 1 - The Mark 1-G
Freshley, M. D.
March 1961
Primary view of Pneumatic Injection Casting of Aluminum-Plutonium Fuel Elements
Koler, R. K.
April 1961
Primary view of Power Tests for PRT Reactor
Lewis, W. R.; Atwood, J. M.; Dunn, R. E.; Evans, E. A.; Fox, J. C.; Peterson, R. E. et al.
April 1, 1961
Primary view of The Recovery of Fission Product Rare Earth Sulfates from Purex LWW
Wheelwright, E. J. & Swift, W. H.
May 10, 1961
Primary view of Economic Evaluation of a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor
Harty, H.; Regimbal, J. J.; Toyoda, K. G. & Widrig, R. D.
June 1961
Primary view of Heat Transfer Calculations for the PRTR Pressurized Gas-Cooled Loop Facility
Muraoka, J.
June 1961
Primary view of Metallographic Study of the Annealing Behavior of Aluminum-Silicon Eutectic Alloy
Todd, R. H.
June 1961
Primary view of Failure Test of a Double Chambered NaK-Filled Irradiation Capsule
Kosut, B. S.; Leggett, R. D. & Marshall, R. K.
September 1961
Primary view of "Crud" Scrubbing with a Purex-Type Zebra Cartridge
Richardson, G. L
October 17, 1961
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