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Primary view of Radioactivity Dissemination Near Uranium Processing Mills
Feldman, M. H.; Troianello, Emilio J.; Coates, G. K. & Sheehan, W. R.
April 1, 1961
Primary view of Status of Uranium Exploration in Turkey
Kratchman, Jack
October 1961
Primary view of Foothills Mine, Idledale District, Jefferson County, Colorado
Schlottmann, Jerome D.
March 1961
Primary view of Operator's instructions, TU-5-A gamma ray logging unit
Kinnaman, R. L.
July 1961
Primary view of Chlorotriammineplatinum(II) Ion : Acid Hydrolysis and Isotopic Exchange of Chloride Ligand
Aprile, Ferruccio. & Martin, Don S., Jr.
May 15, 1961
Primary view of The Equation of State of Solids at Low Temperature
Bernardes, N. (Newton), 1931- & Swenson, C. A.
October 13, 1961
Primary view of Structures of the Intermediate Phases Ni10Zr7 and Ni10Hf7
Kirkpatrick, M. E.; Smith, J. F. & Larsen, W. L.
Primary view of Chapter 48: Analytical Chemistry of Cobalt
Dale, John M. & Banks, Charles V.
Primary view of Point Imperfections in Metals: Existance and Detection
Smith, J. F.
Primary view of Internal Conversion Coefficients of the 2+-0+, E2 Transitions in Even-Even Sm152[over]90 and Gd152[over]88
Lu, D. C. & Schupp, G.
July 17, 1961
Primary view of gem-Bis(disubstitutedphosphinyl)alkanes. II. Extraction Properties of Bis(di-n-hexlphosphinyl)methane
Burke, Keith E.; Sakurai, Hiroshi; O'Laughlin, Jerome W. & Banks, Charles V.
April 11, 1961
Primary view of Transport Reactions of Vanadium(III) Halides and Bromine
McCarley, Robert E.; Roddy, James W. & Berry, Keith O.
Primary view of Pyrometallurgical Reprocessing of Thorium-Uranium Fuel
Chiotti, P.; Woerner, P. F. & Parry, S. J. S.
Primary view of A Model of a Mass Spectrometer to Simultaneously Collect Positive and Negative Ions
Svec, Harry J. (Harry John), 1918- & Flesch, Gerald D.
Primary view of Ion-Exchange Methods for Obtaining Pure Metals
Powell, J. E. & Spedding, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1902-
Primary view of Analysis of Mixtures of Alcohols by Acylation
Fellows, William Dean & Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924-
November 1961
Primary view of Ternary Compounds Between Thorium Monocarbide and Thorium Dihydride
Peterson, D. T. & Rexer, J.
Primary view of Small Order Shape Factor in Na22
Nichols, R. T.; McAdams, R. E. & Jensen, E. N.
Primary view of Electron Deficient Compounds: IX. The Structure of Stannous Chloride
Rundle, R. E. & Olson, David, 1937-
Primary view of Detection and Identification of a Ruptured Fuel Element at the SM-1 (APPR-1) Nuclear Power Plant
Misenheimer, Leo J.; Purple, Robert A. & Brown, Paul S.
Primary view of Extended SM-2 Critical Experiments : CE-2
McCool, W. J.; Robinson, R. A.; Weiss, S. H.; Raby, T. M.; Schrader, E. W. & Walthousen, L. D.
June 30, 1961
Primary view of Criteria for Evaluating Hazards Involved in Proposed Tests On and/or Modifications To the SM-1
Scoles, J. F.
October 18, 1961
Primary view of Flow Characteristics of a Circular Weir in a Centrifugal Field
Webster, Donald S.; Williamson, Clifton L. & Ward, James F.
June 1961
Primary view of Application of Amides as Extractants
Siddall, Thomas H., III
January 1961
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