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Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Semiannual Progress Report: January 1 - June 30, 1961
Aerojet-General Corporation
August 10, 1961
Primary view of Argonne National Laboratory Idaho Division Summary Report: October 1960-March 1961
Argonne National Laboratory. Idaho Division.
Primary view of The Relation of Genome Numbers to Radiosensitivity
Clark, Arnold M.
Primary view of Some Computational Methods for the Study of Diatomic Molecules
Cooley, James W.
May 1, 1961
Primary view of Nuclear Merchant Ship Reactor Final Safeguards Report, Volume 6: Environmental Analysis OF NS "Savannah" Operation at Camden
Cottrell, W. B.; Parker, F. L.; Mann, L. A. & Schmidt, G. D.
January 24, 1961
Primary view of Nuclear Track Image Intensifier
DesRochers, R. D. & Stern, H. A.
March 30, 1961
Primary view of Nuclear Port Survey of the State of New York
Ebasco Services Incorporated
November 1961
Primary view of The Study of the Potential Applications of Radioisotope Technology to Water Resource Investigations and Utilization
Feely, Herbert W., 1928-
January 31, 1961
Primary view of Radioactivity Dissemination Near Uranium Processing Mills
Feldman, M. H.; Troianello, Emilio J.; Coates, G. K. & Sheehan, W. R.
April 1, 1961
Primary view of A Hooded and Ion Source With a Magnetic Mirror Feature
Fulbright, H.W.
January 4, 1961
Primary view of The Sparker, a Divice to Overcome the Multipactor Difficulty in Starting the Oscillator of a Cycloton
Fulbright, H.W.
January 3, 1961
Primary view of The Effect of Temperature on the Width of a Small-Amplitude, Solitary Wave in a Collision-Free Plasma
Gardner, Clifford S.
March 15, 1961
Primary view of Determination of Particle Size Distribution by X-Ray Absorption
Gaudin, Antoine Marc, 1900-1974 & Fuerstenau, Maurice C.
Primary view of Containment in Cusped Plasma Systems
Grad, Harold, 1923-
March 30, 1961
Primary view of Sherwood progress report no. 4, July 1959 - December 1960
Grad, Harold, 1923-
March 1, 1961
Primary view of Fifth Quarterly Progress Report on Fission Product Applications Using Gaseous Beta Sources
Graessley, William W. & Zufall, John W.
October 31, 1961
Primary view of The Lepton Decay Nodes of Hyperons
Harrington, David R.
April 1961
Primary view of Inelastic Proton-Proton Scattering At 1.3 Bev
Hien, Nguyen Chi
May 1961
Primary view of Hydrogeochemical Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Stanley Area, South-Central Idaho
Illsley, Charles T.
July 1961
Primary view of Operator's instructions, TU-5-A gamma ray logging unit
Kinnaman, R. L.
July 1961
Primary view of Bimetallic Casting
Krashes, David
March 29, 1961
Primary view of Alternating Direction and Semi-Explicit Difference Methods for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Lees, Milton
March 1, 1961
Primary view of The Singularities of the Riemann Function
Ludwig, Donald
January 1, 1961
Primary view of Effect of Radiation Damage on SM-1, SM-1A and PM-2A Reactor Vessels
McLaughlin, D. W.; Rowekamp, B. J.; Chittum, R. A.; Coombe, J. R.; Kelleman, R. W.; Bobe, P. E. et al.
October 14, 1961
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