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Primary view of The Attenuation of Natural Environmental Radiation by an Automobile
Shambon, Arthur; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
April 19, 1961
Primary view of Experimental Evaluation of the Radiation Protection Provided by an Earth-Covered Shelter
Burson, Z. G. (Zolin G.) & Borella, H. M.
April 1961
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: December 1, 1960 - March 1, 1961
Hardy, Edward P., Jr.; Rivera, Joseph & Frankel, Robert
April 1, 1961
Primary view of Corrected Optical Pyrometer Readings
Poland, D. E.; Green, J. W. & Margrave, J. L.
April 21, 1961
Primary view of Bibliography of Temperature Measurement: January 1953 to June 1960
Halpern, Carl & Moffat, Robert J.
April 6, 1961
Primary view of Causes of Variation in Chemical Analyses and Physical Tests of Portland Cement
Bean, B. Leonard & Dise, John R.
April 27, 1961
Primary view of Summary of the APDA Fuel Development Programs
Blessing, W. G.; Busch, J. S.; Duffy, J. G.; Hennig, R. J.; Jens, W. H.; Knight, F. W. et al.
April 1961
Primary view of Brookhaven National Laboratory Annual Report: 1960
Brookhaven National Laboratory
April 1961
Primary view of A Study of the Feasibility of a Small Scale Reprocessing Plant for the Dresden Nuclear Power Station
Schneider, H.; Fletcher, R. D.; Codding, J. W.; Bearden, R. G.; Erickson, E. E.; Horn, S. J. et al.
April 28, 1961
Primary view of Steam Cooled Power Reactor Evaluation - Beloyarsk (Ural) Reactor
Hanford Works
April 1961
Primary view of Sulfex Process: Engineering-Scale Semicontinuous Decladding of Unirradiated Stainless Steel-Clad UO2 and UO2-ThO2
Finney, B. C. & Hannaford, B. A.
April 4, 1961
Primary view of Fabrication Development of UO2-Stainless Steel Composite Fuel Plates for core B of the Enrico Fermi Fast Breeder Reactor
Cherubini, J. H.; Beaver, R. J. & Leitten, C. F., Jr.
April 18, 1961
Primary view of Mathematics Panel: Annual Progress Report for Period Ending December 31, 1960
unknown creator
April 6, 1961
Primary view of Polfit II, an IBM 7090 Program for Polynomial Least Squares Fitting
Lietzke, M. P.
April 24, 1961
Primary view of Pneumatic Injection Casting of Aluminum-Plutonium Fuel Elements
Koler, R. K.
April 1961
Primary view of Runaway Analysis for a Gas Cooled Reactor
Becker, Richard A.
April 1961
Primary view of PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 8th Quarterly Progress Report, December 1, 1960 to February 28, 1961
Sieg, J. S.
April 6, 1961
Primary view of Critical Path Scheduling in Maintenance
Gritzner, C. L.; Jones, J. P. & Ellis, J. M.
April 10, 1961
Primary view of High Temperature Heat Utilization in Industry
Ferguson, F. Alan; Towle, Leland H. & Tarrice, Richard R.
April 1961
Primary view of Cesium-137 Research Irradiator
Carter, R. W.; Palmer, R. C. & Willis, W. V.
April 20, 1961
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Antofagasta Area, Province of Antofagasta, Chile
Knowles, Paul H.; Bowes, William A.; C., Mario Serrano & S., Rudolfo Grüenwald
April 1961
Primary view of Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-2 Weld Metal
Beitscher, S.
April 15, 1961
Primary view of High Explosive Crater Studies: Tuff
Murphey, Byron F.
April 1961
Primary view of Examinations of Pump Impellers From Sodium and Fused Salt Pump Endurance Tests
DeVan, J. H.
April 10, 1961
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