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Primary view of Disposition of Contaminated Processing Equipment at Hanford Atomic Products Operation 1958-1959
Kingsley, P. S.
February 12, 1960
Primary view of The Irradiated Rupture Prototype (IRP) Design
Neibaur, G. E. & Stice, N. D.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of KAPL-120-8A Test Assembly Thermocouple Failure.
Dearing, F. E.
February 5, 1960
Primary view of Gas-Graphite Reactions. I. Thermal and Microwave Oxidation of Various Reactor-Grade Graphites*
Clark, T. J.
February 10, 1960
Primary view of Evaluation of Fretting Corrosion of ZR-2
Lobsinger, R. J.
February 5, 1960
Primary view of Critical Mass Studies of Plutonium Solutions
Kruesi, F. E.; Erkman, J. O. & Lanning, D. D.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of Once Through Decontamination Studies- Interim Report No. 2
Hokenson, J. F. & Perrigo, L. D.
February 18, 1960
Primary view of Preliminary Report on the Use of Activated Carbon as a Catalyst for the Dissolved Oxygen-Aqueous Hydrazine Reaction
Demmit, T. F.
February 24, 1960
Primary view of Development of a Welding Process for End Closures on NPR and KER Fuel Element
Corey, T. B.; DeWitt, D. E. & Nelson, I. V.
February 22, 1960
Primary view of Interim Report -- The Retention of Particles in Ducts Transporting Aerosol Streams
Postma, A. K. & Schwendiman, L. C.
February 1, 1960
Primary view of Hydraulic System Flow Decay Relations During Loss of External Power
Love, W. J.
February 11, 1960
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