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Primary view of Further Experimental Results on Natural Circulation Loop Performance at 1000 psia Under Periodic Accelerations
Quinn, E. P.
October 24, 1960
Primary view of Zirconium Alloys for Steam Service: a Preliminary Study
Klepfer, H. H.
June 24, 1960
Primary view of Final Report Chicago Operations Office Steam Separation Program, February-March, 1960
General Electric Company
Primary view of VARI Solution of Simultaneous, First-Order, Ordinary, Differential Equations
Kerr, B. A.
March 15, 1960
Primary view of Experimental Investigations of the Removal of Sodium Oxide From Liquid Sodium
Billuris, G.
January 18, 1960
Primary view of Solid State Division Semiannual Progress Report For Period Ending February 28, 1955
Billington, D. S. & Crawford, J. H., Jr.
July 12, 1960
Primary view of A Model of the PRTR Mark I Fuel Element for Heat Transfer Experiments
Hammond, J. E.
July 6, 1960
Primary view of Project CGC-830 Plant Modifications for Reprocessing Non-Production Reactor Fuels
Bierman, S. R.; Graf, W. A.; Kass, M.; Kligfield, G.; McKee, R.W.; Patridge, L. F. et al.
July 29, 1960
Primary view of Depassivation of 304-L Stainless Steel in Sulfex Decladding Solutions
Duke, E. M.
June 30, 1960
Primary view of Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonic Frequency Modulation
Lambert, T.G.
June 28, 1960
Primary view of Fluidized-Bed Calcination Studies with Stimulated ICPP Waste Solution
Schneider, K. J.
June 6, 1960
Primary view of Non-destructive Testing Hanford Fuel
Worlton, D.C.
June 22, 1960
Primary view of Termination Report for Development Test IP-306-K Spline Coilers at K Reactor
McCarthy, P. B.
June 24, 1960
Primary view of Use of Isolated Junction Sheathed Thermocouples for Moderator Temperature Measurements
Lovett, D. B.
June 16, 1960
Primary view of Steam Water Pressure Drop and Critical Discharge Flow - A Digital Computer Program
Massena, W. A.
June 17, 1960
Primary view of Sampling and Analytical Data on Al-Pu Alloy for PRTR Start-Up Tests
Bloomster, C. H.
June 15, 1960
Primary view of Water Chemistry for KER Loop 1- June 29, 1959 to December 31, 1959
Demmitt, T. F. & Wood, E. R.
June 15, 1960
Primary view of Summary Listing of Subcritical Measurements of Heterogenous Water-Uranium lattices Made at Hanford
Lloyd, R. C.
June 8, 1960
Primary view of Process Improvement Transition Authorization #11-I Installation of Van Stone Seal Inserts - F Reactor.
Russell, A.
June 7, 1960
Primary view of Scavenging as a Predisposal Treatment for NPR Decontamination Wastes
Koop, W. N.
June 7, 1960
Primary view of A Study for the Feasibility for the Large Sale Recovery of Ionium (Thorium-230) from the Uranium Ore Milling Industry in the United States
Rohrmann, C. A.
June 1, 1960
Primary view of Integrated Radiological Instrumentation System Planning
Spear, W. G.
July 14, 1960
Primary view of Coagulant Aids as Filter Aids
Conley, W. R.
July 21, 1960
Primary view of Nuclearly Safe Mass Limits, Volume Limits, Infinite Cylinder Diameters and Slab Thicknesses for Slightly Enriched Uranium Rods in Light Water
Clayton, E.D.
May 24, 1960
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