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Report on the Possible Effects on the Surrounding Population of an Assumed Release of Fission Products into the Atmosphere from a 300 Megawatt Nuclear Reactor Located at Lagoona Beach, Michigan

Description: Report issued by the APDA over studies conducted on the release of radioactive particles near Lagoona Beach, Michigan in 1955. "The possible effects on the surrounding population of a release of fission products at the Lagoona Beach site" (p. 1) are discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: July 1957
Creator: Gomberg, Henry J.; Bassett, Thomas; Velez, Carlos & Donnell, Alton P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Mesquite and Willow

Description: Collection of Texas, Spanish and Mexican folklore, including legends, child ballads, folk tales, folk songs, tall tales, information about home remedies, and other folklore.
Date: 1957
Creator: Boatright, Mody Coggin
Partner: UNT Press

Gamma- and Neutron-Radiation Measurements

Description: Results are presented from film dosimeters and gold and suifur threshold detectors used to measure gamma radiation neutron fluxes. The bulk of the data reports the results of naeasurements in various shelters and homes. The data are presented in tabular form by project number and shot name in Appendix A. The report also contains results of studies on the effects of neutrons on film dosimeters. (auth)
Date: May 1957
Creator: Deal, L.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: ABS>A hypothetical reactor core is presented in which right cylindrical fuel regions sre positioned at the core corners of equilateral, space-filling, parallelograms. The average gamma heating rate density in each of a set of concentric annular regions, centered on a fuel cylinder, is presented for three different fuel cylinder separation distances. The fuel cylinder radius, fuel composition, and moderator composition are held constant. The calculation was done using the Monte Carlo method. (auth)
Date: October 15, 1957
Creator: Beeler, J.R. Jr.; Nelson, R.H. & Herrmann, R.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Performance and Potential of Natural Circulation Boiling Reactors

Description: A parametric study of the potential and performance of natural circulation boiling nuclear reactors is presented. Analyses are based on engineering data and correlation extrapolations obtained from boiling studies at Argonne. Graphs are used extensively to show interrelationships of power density, system pressure, average core coolant density, core height, riser height, channel hydraulic diameter, recirculation flow rate, and exit steam volume fraction. Interesting aspects of reactor design and their diameter, recirculation flow rate, and exit steam volume fraction. Interesting aspects of reactor design and their effects on performance are discussed briefly. (auth)
Date: October 1, 1957
Creator: Flinn, W.S. & Petrick, M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Tertiary Effects of Blast--Displacement. Preliminary Report

Description: Measurements were made of the velocity and distance of translation of anthropomorphic dummies and equivalent spheres caused by blast winds. The primary technique for recording the movement of these ohjects was phototriangulation. The secondary technique (applicable to certain of the equivalent spheres) was to have the spheres impelled into missile traps. The resultant penetration provides a means for determining the velocity at the time of impact. Analysis of the results from both the primary and secondary techniques is expected to provide some of the irformation identified in the objective. (auth)
Date: September 1, 1957
Creator: Taborelli, R.V. & Bowen, I.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Table of Radioisotopes Arranged According to Half-Life

Description: The tabulated data on radioisotopes are taken directly from the General Electric Chart of the Nuclides, Fifth Edition. The half lives, decay particles and energies, gamma energies, and total energy or mass are included in the table. (J.E.D.)
Date: December 1, 1957
Creator: Daniels, E. comp.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Fast-Period Reactor Safety Fuse Tests

Description: The combination of an effective fuse with a sensitive trigger is investigated. Tests conducted with two types of fuse, the annular-passage and the control-rod-type fuse, are described and analyzed. Appendixes present the methods of analysis and calculation, an analysis of fuse performance, and a summary of alternative fuse trigger and fuse system designs, with methods for adaption of fuses to power reactors. (auth)
Date: June 1, 1957
Creator: Stilwell, S.N. & Waterfield, R.L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Pressurized Water Reactor Program Technical Progress Report for the Period July 15, 1954 to August 26, 1954

Description: This progress report has 2 parts. Part 1 PWR Engineering covers the following topics: (1) power plant analysis and systems; (2) power plant components and component materials and tests; and (3) reactor and auxiliaries. Part 2 PWR Development covers: (1) fuel element development; (2) metallurgy of core materials; (3) materials application development; (4) chemistry development; (5) irradiation effects; and (6) reactor physics.
Date: October 31, 1957
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Hydraulic Power Unit for Solvent Extraction Column Pulse Generators

Description: A power unit comprised of a reciprocating hydraulic cylinder controlled by hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical elements was developed to drive pulse generators for solvent extraction columns in the Purex Hot Semiworks. Design bases included remote control of continuouslyvariable pulse amplitudes between 1/ 2 and 1/2 inches, and pulse frequency up to 120 cycles/min. Each of nine power units operated 30 to 60 million cycles without serious difficulty, although minor modifications and corrections were made during scheduled shutdowns of the Semiworks. Operational irregularities, such as erratic or drifting amplitudes, occurred with sufficient frequency to indicate deficiencies in the original design. The triangular pulse wave which is characteristic of the power unit was suspected on several occasions as having an adverse effect on extraction column performance. However, no correlation was found to show that column performance is adversely affected by the triangular pulse. (auth)
Date: August 23, 1957
Creator: Kelly, V. P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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