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Production of Neutral Photopions as a Function of Atomic Weight

Description: Thesis discussing the relative yield of neutral pions from elements in a reaction "as a function of the quantum-limit energy (the maximum energy of the quanta in the bremsstrahlung beam) of the Berkeley synchrotron." Interpretation of the results leads to values for the mean free path for absorption of the neutral pions in nuclear matter.
Date: May 28, 1956
Creator: Anderson, John David
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Natural convection reactor

Description: A previous report described the conceptual design of a plutonium producing reactor that may be characterized as follows: Power output (2000 MW); cooling - (natural convection of light water through the reactor, up through a draft tube to an evaporative cooling pond, then back to the reactor, and fuel (400 to 500 tons of uranium enriched to 1.2% U-235). Because this reactor would be cooled by the natural convection of light water, it is believed that the construction costs would be significantly less than for a Savannah or Hanford type reactor. Such expensive items as water treatment and water pumping facilities would be eliminated entirely. The inventory of 500 tons of slightly enriched uranium, however, is an unattractive feature. It represents not only a large dollar investment but also makes the reactor less attractive for construction during periods of national emergency because of the almost certain scarcity of even slightly enriched uranium at that time. The Atomic Energy Commission asked that the design be reviewed with the objective of reducing the inventory of uranium, The results of this review are given in this report.
Date: May 1, 1956
Creator: Babcock, D.F.; Bernath, L.; Menegus, R.L. & Ring, H.F.
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A Pilot Plant for the Reduction of Uranium Hexafluoride to Uranium Tetrafluoride with Trichloroethylene

Description: Pilot plant experiments are described in which trichloroethylene was used for the reduction of uranium hexafluoride to uranium tetrafluoride. After unsatisfactory preliminary results with liquid phase reduction, satisfactory results were obtained with a vapor phase reduction system. It was found that vapor phase reduction at approximately 450 deg F, produced a low density product which contained only small quantities of uranium(VI); sintering the uranium tetrafluoride in a hydrogen fluoride atmosphere increased the product density to approximately 3 g/cc. The reduction was essentially complete, and the effluent gas contained less than 1 ppm of uranium hexafluoride. The purity of the uranium tetrafluoride produced was equivalent to that of the uranium hexafluoride used as feed. A complete discussion is given of the operation of the various parts of the system. (auth)
Date: May 31, 1956
Creator: Baker, J. E.; Klaus, H. V.; Schmidt, R. A. & Smiley, S. H.
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Experiments on Polarization in Scatterig Deuterons from Complex Nuclei and in Proton-Proton Scattering (Thesis)

Description: Abstract: "The elastic double scattering of deuterons by complex nuclei has been investigated experimentally. Measurements were made on carbon, aluminum, and copper at around 157 Mev; on lithium, beryllium, and carbon at around 125 Mev; and on carbon and aluminum at 94 Mev. The expected tensor components of the deuteron polarization have not been observed. Measurements have been made of the differential cross section and vector-type polarization as a function of angle for the scattering of deuterons from the above elements, at the above energies. The observed polarizations were larger than would be expected on the basis of the individual nucleon-nucleus interactions. In a second experiment we measured the 169-Mev proton-proton polarization at 10, 15, 22.5, 30, and 35 in the laboratory system. The results indicate that partial waves up to and including L = 3 are important at this energy."
Date: May 11, 1956
Creator: Baldwin, John A., Jr.
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Sites of Azaserine Inhibition During Photosynthesis byScenedesmus

Description: The success attending the use of azaserine as a specific inhibitor of one atage in the metabolic pathway leading to the synthesis of inosinic acid in pigeon liver prompted us to use this antibiotic in a similar attack on purine synthesis in Scenedesmus. However, investigation of the products produced during photosynthesis by suspensions of these algae in the presence of azaserine showed that a more widespread interference with metabolism had occurred. The purpose of this communication is to describe the nature of these effects and to attempt to assess their importance in a general picture of the metabolic effects of azaserine.
Date: May 8, 1956
Creator: Barker, S. Alan; Bassham, James A.; Calvin, M. & Quarck, Ursula C.
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Flow test: CG-482 ``DR type`` rear pigtail with B, D, DR and F pile fittings

Description: This letter transmits the data from the 189-D Hydraulics Laboratory flow test on three CG-482 rear pigtails. The tests were run with a standard B, D, Dr and F rear nozzle and rear Parker fitting over the range of flows and temperatures anticipated for early CG-558 operation. The data from the test are given. All three pigtails gave essentially identical results. For comparison the results of previous tests with present rear pigtails are also plotted.
Date: May 25, 1956
Creator: Bell, K. J.
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Mixing in a river

Description: Many rivers are burdened with tributary streams of warm water and/or liquid wastes containing dissolved or suspended matter. The warm water and waste matter mix thoroughly with the river water some distance downstream from the point of entry of the tributary, but near the point of entry there may be high local temperatures or concentrations of waste. It is often necessary to know the local temperatures or concentrations of waste. The authors have used a formula for computing the turbulent mixing that takes place in such a situation; this formula fits quite well in the case of one Southern river.
Date: May 9, 1956
Creator: Bernath, L.; Menegus, R. L. & Ring, H. F.
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Exploratory investigation of boundary-layer transition on a hollow cylinder at a Mach number of 6.9

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the Reynolds number for transition on the outside of a hollow cylinder with heat transfer from the boundary layer to the wall at Mach number 6.9. At a given Mach number, it appears that the Reynolds number based on leading-edge thickness is an important parameter in comparisons of flat-plate transition data from various installations.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Bertram, Mitchel H.
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Investigation at Transonic Speeds of the Effects of Inlet Lip Stagger on the Internal-Flow Characteristics of an Unswept Semielliptical Air Inlet

Description: Report presenting an investigation in the transonic blowdown tunnel to determine the effects of variations in inlet lip swagger from 0 to 60 degrees on the internal-flow characteristics of an unswept semielliptical scoop-type air-inlet model without boundary-layer control. Tests were made for a range of Mach numbers and mass-flow ratios. Results regarding the flow over the fuselage nose, total-pressure recovery at inlet, flow distortions at inlet, and inlet-design considerations are presented.
Date: May 1, 1956
Creator: Bingham, Gene J. & Trescot, Charles D., Jr.
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Estimate of Known Recoverable Reserves of Coking Coal in Clarion County, Pennsylvania

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over investigations of coking-coal reserves of Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Methods used, and measurements of coal reserves are listed. This report includes tables, and maps.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Blaylock, D. W.; Dowd, James J.; Abernethy, R. F. & Reynolds, D. A.
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Preliminary Studies of Coalified Wood Associated with Uranium on the Colorado Plateau

Description: The following report summarizes studies carried out to see what the nature is of the coalified plant debris, uraniferous and nonuraniferous, that occurs in the Colorado Plateu, and if any relationships can be recognized between uranium and other elements of or associated with the coalified plant debris.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Breger, Irving A.
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Electric Conduction in an Oil-Pumped Vacuum System

Description: The leakage of electricity aoross a vacuum space in an electrostatic generator which employs a mixture of Sr/sup 90/ and Y/sup 90/ as the source of charging current was investigated. The vacuum is obtained by means of an oil pump. The leakage was shown to consist of a flow of positive and negative particles between the anode and the cathode. The positive particles were found to be primarily organic ions produced in a layer of oil on the surface of the anode. The negative particles were shown to be mostly electrons. Yields of secondary negative particles and secondary positive particles produced by average positive particles in the energy range from 50 to 200 kev were measured. Yields were found to be dependent on the nature of the target material as well as on the energy of the incident ion. A mass spectrometer was employed to study the nature of the positive ions. Most of these were charged fragments of organic molecules. Neutral particles were attributed to dissociation of a portion of positive ions during their flight from the anode to cathode. Electrons, most of which originate at the beta source, are presumed to be the agent for positive ion production. It is believed that the leakage current at a limiting voltage is primarily due to a positive ion-negative ion exchange mechanism. (A.C.)
Date: May 1, 1956
Creator: Bryant, Ernest A.
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Final report -- PT-105-548-A, The effect of masonite burnout on shield attenuation properties

Description: In a previous study it was determined experimentally that heat deterioration, or burnout, of the shield masonite is more severe than radiation damage under existing and proposed operating conditions. Higher shield temperatures, which are expected to result from increased power levels, fringe enrichment, and higher graphite temperatures, will markedly increase the rate at which the masonite burns out. The laminated iron-masonite biological shield will lose, as a result of burnout, the hydrogen and oxygen necessary to attenuate and moderate neutrons. The purpose of this production test has been to obtain experimental data from which future shield leakage rates could be estimated. The attenuation data reported here were obtained in the DR pile bulk shield facility from experiments using various void spacings to simulate burnout conditions. From these data it was hoped to determine (1) the resultant attenuation properties of the shields, and (2) the exposure rates due to radiation penetrating the shield.
Date: May 23, 1956
Creator: Bunch, W. L.
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Effect of Inlet-Guide-Vane Angle on Blade Vibration and Rotating Stall of 13-Stage Axial-Flow Compressor in Turbojet Engine

Description: Report presenting a blade-vibration and rotating-stall survey on a modified version of a production turbojet engine with a 13-stage axial-flow compressor with a design pressure ratio of 7 and an air flow of 120 pounds per second. This testing was carried out due to the problems rotating stall can cause with both experimental and production axial-flow compressors. Results regarding the rotating-stall patterns, rotor-blade vibrations, radial and axial strength of rotating stall, and maximum rotating-stall speed are provided.
Date: May 22, 1956
Creator: Calvert, Howard F.; Medeiros, Arthur A. & Johnson, Donald F.
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