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And Then She Said

Description: The concept of "And Then She Said" evolved while I was working on the music for the production of "Medea-Plays" conceived and directed by Ed Isser at the Stanford Drama department. Ed had the ingenious idea to use four narrators, backstage, each reciting a different version of the Medea story in a different language (Greek, Latin, French, or German), while four actors on the center stage spoke in English. The rich musical possibilities that this idea offered attracted me immediately. With Ed's … more
Date: 102865
Duration: 35 minutes 15 seconds
Creator: Wolman, Amnon, 1955-
Partner: UNT Music Library


Description: Ran claims to be a sonorous flow where the almost pseudocasual control substitutes itsel to human creativity in different ways. There is a playful alternation, through differents levels of generation, of the creative-compositive process between man and machine. The creative casual process of the machine, once fixed the range, determine the choice of the human creative process. The title RAN (Heran) means that only the interactive comprehension between the casual thing and the determined one can… more
Date: 102835
Duration: 7 minutes 53 seconds
Creator: Pedrazzi, Marco, 1959-
Partner: UNT Music Library
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