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Primary view of A Solution of the Distributional Error Problem in Cytophotometry
Adams, Lawrence R. & Sondhaus, Charles A.
December 19, 1961
Primary view of Influence of Different Y Chromosomes on Secondary Nondisjunction in D. Melanogaster
Hildreth, P.
January 18, 1962
Primary view of The Effect of Temperature on the Yield Strength of the Polycrystalline Hexagonal Ag-Al Intermetallic Phase
Tanaka, Kichinosuko & Mote, Jim D.
December 18, 1961
Primary view of Hydromagnetic Ionizing Fronts
Kunkel, Wulf B. & Gross, Robert A.
December 14, 1961
Primary view of The Radiolysis Of Liquid Isobutane With Pulsed Electrons
Yamamoto, B. Y.; Sciamanna, A. F. & Newton, Amos S.
October 1961
Primary view of A Recoil Study Of The Reaction C12(p,pn)C11 [formula]
Singh, Sarjant & Alexander, John M.
October 24, 1961
Primary view of Electromagnetic Properties Of A Charged Vector Meson
Young, James A. & Bludmen, Sidney A.
October 12, 1961
Primary view of The Spectrophotometry Of Metal-Ammonia Solutions At Low Temperatures
Gold, Marvin & Jolly, William L.
December 1961
Primary view of A Theoretical Consideration Of Asymmetric Heat Flow At The Interface Of The Dissimilar Metals
Moon, Joon Sang & Keeler, R. N.
October 1961
Primary view of Color Production From Energetic Ions Impinging On Metals
Ehlers, Kenneth W.
June 25, 1962
Primary view of Thermodynamic Properties Of Gaseous Metal Dihalides
Brewer, Leo, 1919-2005; Somayajulu, G. R. & Brackett, Elizabeth
September 1961
Primary view of Nine-Channel Polychromator For Observation Of Time-Dependent Spectral Line Profiles
Spillman, George R. & Cooper, William S., III
January 22, 1962
Primary view of Sheet Metal Can Furnace
Doyle, Richard C. & Phillips, Will D.
August 17, 1961
Primary view of Fabricating Liquid-Hydrogen Targets From Mylar
Mehr, David L.
August 17, 1961
Primary view of Calibration Of Bridgman Anvils, A Pressure Scale To 125 Kbars
Montgomery, Peter W.; Stromberg, Harold; Lura, George H. & Jura, George
August 1961
Primary view of The Crystal Structure Of Cobalt Sulfate Hexahydrate
Zalkin, Allan; Ruben, Helena & Templeton, David H.
August 1961
Primary view of Chemical Reactions In Crossed Molecular Beams
Herschbach, Dudley R.
July 1961
Primary view of Semiempirical Correlation Of B<sup>+ Annihilation Rates In Metals
McHugh, James A.
July 1961
Primary view of On Charge Conjugation
Case, Kenneth M.
July 19, 1961
Primary view of The Sideband Technique In A Variable Frequency NMR Spectrometer
Acrivos, J. V., 1928-
August 1961
Primary view of Scattering In The K=O Band Of Odd-Odd Deformed Nuclei
Newby, Neal D., Jr.
July 1961
Primary view of The Nuclear Spin Of Neodymium-141
Alpert, Seymour S.; Budick, Burton; Lipworth, Edgar & Marrus, Richard
July 3, 1961
Primary view of A Pulsed Nanosecond Light Source
Innes, Thomas G. & Kerns, Quentin A.
August 4, 1961
Primary view of Crystal Structure Of Propionic Acid
Strieter, Frederick J. & Templeton, David H.
May 23, 1961
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