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Primary view of 1. K+ Charge Exchange - Search For K+ Charge Exchange
Birge, Robert W.; Courant, Hans J.; Lanou, Robert E., Jr. & Whitehead, Marian N.
July 29, 1959
Primary view of An 8-Matrix Theory of the Vertex p - NN Based on the Strip Approximation
Sarkissian, M. Der
May 1964
Primary view of 300-KV Pulser Transformer and Pulser.
Heller, R. E.
November 1951
Primary view of An Adiabatic Motion Of Charged Particles In Electromagnetic Fields
Northrop, Theodore G.
January 1961
Primary view of Alkyl Phosphoric Acids as Extraction Agents for Uranium
Stewart, D. C., (Donald Charles), 1912-1996
January 27, 1950
Primary view of Analysis of the Energy of Neutrons Emerging from the Target by Means of Their Spatial Distribution
Brown, H.
March 5, 1952
Primary view of Antiproton-Nucleon Cross Sections From 0.5 To 1.0 Bev
Elioff, Tommy; Agnaw, Louis; Chamberlain, O. (Owen); Steiner, Herbert M.; Wiegand, Clyde (Clyde Edward), 1915-1996 & Ypsilantis, Tom
December 12, 1961
Primary view of Automatic Scanning And Measuring Of Bubble Chamber Photographs
Grasselli, Antonio
June 1, 1960
Primary view of BEFCYF And DBDT: IBM 704 Codes For Preparing Input For Bevatron Orbit Code (BOC)
Gardner, C. Gerald
August 30, 1960
Primary view of The Biological Behavior of Organic Compounds Containing Radiophosphorus
Morrison, D. C. & Crowley, Josephine F.
April 25, 1952
Primary view of Bond Energies, Valence State Energies And Resonance<sup>1, 2
Somayajulu, G. R.
February 1961
Primary view of Bremsstrahlung
Kenney, R. W.
February 1961
Primary view of Calculation of Explosion-Produced Craters
Knox, Joseph B. & Terhune, R. W. (Robert William)
April 24, 1964
Primary view of Calculation of k-o in a Uranium-Graphite Lattice
Adelman, F.
February 8, 1951
Primary view of Calculation of Shielding for Mark II Accelerator
Moyer, B. J.
June 30, 1951
Primary view of Calculation Of The Shock Wave From An Underground Nuclear Explosion In Granite
Butkovich, Theodore R.
April 24, 1964
Primary view of Calibration Of Bridgman Anvils, A Pressure Scale To 125 Kbars
Montgomery, Peter W.; Stromberg, Harold; Lura, George H. & Jura, George
August 1961
Primary view of Carrier-Free Separation Of Hafnium From Rare-Earth Oxides
Tocher, Mab I. & Hollander, Jack M.
May 1961
Primary view of Characteristics Of Radioactivity Produced By Nuclear Explosives
Miskel, John A.
April 24, 1964
Primary view of The Chelate Process, IV.  Process Flow Involving o-Dichlorobenzene as the Solvent for TTA
Davis, M. W., Jr.; Hicks, T. E. & Vermeulen, T.
January 1951
Primary view of The Chelate Process:  [Part] 5.  Investigation in Horizontal Extractors
Hicks, T. E.; Rubin, B. & Vermeulen, T.
July 29, 1949
Primary view of Chemical Reactions In Crossed Molecular Beams
Herschbach, Dudley R.
July 1961
Primary view of Chemistry Division Quarterly Report:  June, July and August, 1950
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
September 25, 1950
Primary view of Chemistry Division Quarterly Report:  March, April and May, 1950
University of California. Radiation Laboratory.
June 30, 1950
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