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Primary view of Metallurgy Research Operation: Quarterly Progress Report, January - March 1965
Cadwell, J. J.; Bierlein, T. K.; Bement, A. L.; Dillon, R. L. & Wheeler, R. G.
April 15, 1965
Primary view of Fast Flux Test Facility Studies Progress Report: April 1965
Astley, E. R.
April 1965
Primary view of A Sequence for Predicting Waste Transport by Ground Water
Nelson, R. William
April 15, 1965
Primary view of Geophysical Seismic Evaluation Study at Hanford
Brown, Ruth E. & Raymond, John R.
December 1964
Primary view of Static Tests of Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum and Carbon Steel
Richman, R. B.
February 1965
Primary view of INDEX: a Computer Program for Indexing X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns
Goebel, J. B. & Wilson, Archie Spencer
January 1965
Primary view of PRTR second generation shim assembly
Rasmussen, D. E.
November 1964
Primary view of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Intrumentation and Controls Division Annual Progress Report: 1960
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Instrumentation and Controls Division.
February 3, 1961
Primary view of OR TEP: a FORTRAN Thermal-Ellipsoid Plot Program for Crystal Structure Illustrations
Johnson, Carroll K.
June 1965
Primary view of Quarterly Progress Report, Research and Development Activities Fixation of Radioactive Residues: April-June 1965
Pacific Northwest Labortoary. Chemistry Department.
September 1965
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: June 1, 1965 - September 1, 1965
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Rivera, Joseph
October 1, 1965
Primary view of Numerical Results for EGCR Moderator-Element Stress Problems
Hulbert, Lewis E. & Redmond, Robert F.
July 3, 1961
Primary view of In-Pile Test of Prototype ML-1 Fuel Elements
Brunhouse, J. S.; Burgess, A. B.; Geering, G. T.; Nakazato, S. & Titus, G. W.
June 1964
Primary view of Darex Process: Processing of Stainless Steel-Containing Reactor Fuels with Dilute Aqua Regia
Kitts, F. G. & Clark, W. E.
June 7, 1962
Primary view of Preliminary Designs for Four Integrated Gas-Cooled Ceramic-Fueled and -Moderated Reactor Core and Steam Generator Units
Fraas, A. P.
Primary view of Corn Pone: A Multigroup, Multiregion Reactor Code
Kinney, W. E. & Coveyou, R. R.
Primary view of Calculation of Suspension Peptization
Sweeton, F. H.
Primary view of Laboratory Development of a Tributyl Phosphate Solvent Extraction Process for Processing 20% Enriched Uranium Alloy Fuel
Goode, J. H. & Flanary, J. R.
Primary view of Applied Health Physics Annual Report for 1963
Morgan, K. Z.; Davis, D. M.; Hart, J. C.; Abee, H. H.; Gupton, E. D. & Warden, A. D.
August 1964
Primary view of Gas-Cooled Reactor Project Semiannual Progress Report: September 1964
Trauger, D. B. & Whitman, G. D.
February 1965
Primary view of Civil Defense Research Project Annual Progress Report: March 1966 - March 1967
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
December 1967
Primary view of Nuclear Safety Program Annual Progress Report for Period Ending December 31, 1967
unknown creator
April 1968
Primary view of Physics Division Annual Progress Report, January 31, 1964
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Physics Division.
June 1964
Primary view of Mechanical Properties of Some Refractory Metals and their Alloys
McCoy, H. E., Jr.; Stephenson, R. L. & Weir, J. R., Jr.
April 1964
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