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Primary view of Development of the Assembly Method for Fuel Elements for the Advanced Test Reactor
Knight, R. W. & Leitten, C. F., Jr.
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of Instantaneous-Collapse and Creep-Buckling Characteristics of Cylindrical Shells
Greenstreet, B. L. & Corum, J. M.
Primary view of Hanford Graphite Superheat Reactor (HGSR) Design Study and Evaluation
Hanford Atomic Products Operation. N-Reactor Project Section.
January 1964
Primary view of Hanford Radiological Sciences Research and Development Annual Report for 1963
Gamertsfelder, C. C. & Green, J. K.
January 1964
Primary view of Chromosomal Aberrations in a Natural Population of Chironomus Tentans Exposed to Chronic Low-Level Environmental Radiation
Blaylock, B. Gordon; Auerbach, S. I. & Nelson, D. J.
January 29, 1964
Primary view of Solvent Extraction of Strontium, Cerium, and are Earths with D2EHPA, Part 2: Pilot Plant Studies
Richardson, G. L.
February 1964
Primary view of Fretting Corrosion in the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor
Winegardner, W. K.
March 1964
Primary view of Fire Test of Wooden-Jacket Shield for Radioisotope Shipping Container
Horn, Leonard H.
March 23, 1964
Primary view of Beta-Gamma Dose Rates from U232 in U233
Owen, F. E.
April 1964
Primary view of Mechanical Properties of Some Refractory Metals and their Alloys
McCoy, H. E., Jr.; Stephenson, R. L. & Weir, J. R., Jr.
April 1964
Primary view of Some Major Fuel-Irradiation Test Facilities of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Trauger, Donald B.
April 1964
Primary view of Thorium-Uranium-233 Oxide (Kilorod) Facility : Rod Fabrication Process and Equipment
Sease, J. D.; Lotts, A. L. & Davis, F. C.
April 1964
Primary view of The High Flux Isotope Reactor: Volume 1, A Functional Description
Binford, F. T. & Cramer, E. N.
May 1964
Primary view of Steady Darcian Transport of Fluids in Heterogeneous Partially Saturated Porous Media: Part 2, the Computer Program
Nelson, R. William
May 20, 1964
Primary view of Electronuclear Research Division Annual Progress Report, December 31, 1963
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Electronuclear Research Division.
June 1964
Primary view of Graphite Burnout Monitoring: Part 1, Monitor Preparation and Handling Techniques
Ryan, B. A.
June 1964
Primary view of In-Pile Test of Prototype ML-1 Fuel Elements
Brunhouse, J. S.; Burgess, A. B.; Geering, G. T.; Nakazato, S. & Titus, G. W.
June 1964
Primary view of A New Model Concept for Large Nuclear Reactors
Harvey, R. A.
June 1964
Primary view of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Radioisotopes Procedures Manual
Case, F. N.; Fuccillo, D. A., Jr.; Ewing, Sylvia B.; Acree, E. H.; McFarland, C. E.; Massey, B. J. et al.
June 1964
Primary view of Physics Division Annual Progress Report, January 31, 1964
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Physics Division.
June 1964
Primary view of Procedures for Fabricating Aluminum-Base ATR Fuel Elements
Beaver, R. J.; Patriarca, P. & Adamson, G. M.
June 1964
Primary view of Welding Plutonium-Containing Fuel Elements
Lemon, L. C.; Ross, W. T. & Bailey, W. J.
June 1964
Primary view of Thin Wall Tubing Tests Using Ultrasonic Shear Waves: Part 2 - Production Test Equipment, Its Operation and Test Results
Zeutschel, M. F. & Dixon, N. E.
June 30, 1964
Primary view of Recovery of Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate from Redox Acid Waste, Part 1: Computer Study
Godfrey, W. L. & Benham, R. D.
July 1964
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