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Primary view of Numerical Results for EGCR Moderator-Element Stress Problems
Hulbert, Lewis E. & Redmond, Robert F.
July 3, 1961
Primary view of Standardization and Evaluation of Grain Size Test for Uranium Fuel
Spice, R. D.
July 1964
Primary view of Inline Densimeter for Pulsed Column Liquid Density Pulse Amplitude, and Pulse Frequency Measurements
Mackey, T. S.
July 19, 1961
Primary view of A Comparison of Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Power Plants for Use with All-Ceramic Gas-Cooled Reactors
Fraas, A. P. & Ozisik, M. N.
July 1965
Primary view of Fuel Core Tester - UT-2
Frederick, C. L. & Waldkoetter, G. L.
July 18, 1960
Primary view of Hanford Controlled Potential Coulometer
Connally, R. E. & Scott, F. A.
July 11, 1960
Primary view of The RBU Reactor-Burnup Code: Formulation and Operation Procedures
Triplett, J. R.; Merrill, E. T. & Burr, J. R.
July 1961
Primary view of An Alpha Scintillation Tester for Uranium Surface Contamination of N-Reactor Fuel
Jackson, C. N., Jr.
July 1963
Primary view of The Strain Aging and Heat Treatment Properties of N-Reactor Connector Tubes
Pessl, H. J.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Recovery of Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate from Redox Acid Waste, Part 1: Computer Study
Godfrey, W. L. & Benham, R. D.
July 1964
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Semiannual Progress Report: January 1 - June 30, 1960
Aerojet-General Corporation
July 31, 1960
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