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Primary view of Special Studies in Electrolysis Mitigation: 4. A Preliminary Report on Electrolysis Mitigation in Elyria, Ohio, with Recommendations for Mitigation
McCollum, Burton & Logan, K. H.
January 22, 1916
Primary view of Standard Test Specimens of Zinc Bronze (Cu 88, Sn 10, Zn 2) - Parts 1 and 2: Part 1. - Preparation of Specifications, Part II. - Microstructure
Karr, C. P. & Rawdon, Henry S.
March 15, 1916
Primary view of Durability of Stucco and Plaster Construction: Progress Report Containing Results of Investigations up to April, 1916
Wig, R. J.; Pearson, J. C. & Emley, W. E.
January 31, 1917
Primary view of Temperature Measurements in Bessemer and Open-Hearth Practice
Burgess, George K.
May 8, 1917
Primary view of An Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Wear of Sole Leathers, and the Results Obtained with Leather from Different Parts of a Hide
Hart, R. W. & Bowker, R. C.
November 22, 1919
Primary view of The Ultra-Violet and Visible Transmission of Various Colored Glasses
Gibson, K. S.; Tyndall, E. P. T. & McNicholas, H. J.
March 19, 1920
Primary view of Use of Sulphite Cellulose Extract as a Tanning Material
Wallace, E. L. & Bowker, Roy Clement
November 1, 1926
Primary view of Comparison of American, British, and German Standards for Metal Fits
Fullmer, Irvin H.
Primary view of Radio-Frequency Resistance and Inductance of Coils Used in Broadcast Reception
Hund, August & De Groot, H. B.
October 22, 1925
Primary view of Endurance Tests of Tires
Holt, W. L. & Wormeley, P. L.
May 25, 1926
Primary view of Tests of Large Columns with H-Shaped Sections
Tuckerman, L. B. & Stang, A. H.
June 11, 1926
Primary view of Fire Tests of Building Columns
Ingberg, S. H.; Griffin, H. K.; Robinson, W. C. & Wilson, R. E.
April 21, 1921
Primary view of Testing of Fire-Clay Brick with Special Reference to their Use in Coal-Fired Boiler Settings
Geller, R. F.
February 13, 1925
Primary view of The Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams; Results of Tests of 333 Beams (First Series)
Humphrey, Richard L. & Losse, Louis H.
Primary view of Electrolysis and its Mitigation
Rosa, Edward B. & McCollum, Burton
November 25, 1918
Primary view of Measurement and Specification of the Physical Factors Which Determine the Saturation of Certain Tints of Yellow
Priest, Irwin G. & Peters, Chauncey G.
June 30, 1917
Primary view of Toluol Recovery
McBride, R. S.; Reinicker, C. E. & Dunkley, W. A.
December 19, 1918
Primary view of The Ultra-Violet and Visible Transmission of Eye-Protective Glasses
Gibson, K. S. & McNicholas, H. J.
June 7, 1919
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