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Primary view of Comparison of American, British, and German Standards for Metal Fits
Fullmer, Irvin H.
Primary view of Use of Sulphite Cellulose Extract as a Tanning Material
Wallace, E. L. & Bowker, Roy Clement
November 1, 1926
Primary view of Tests of Large Columns with H-Shaped Sections
Tuckerman, L. B. & Stang, A. H.
June 11, 1926
Primary view of Endurance Tests of Tires
Holt, W. L. & Wormeley, P. L.
May 25, 1926
Primary view of Radio-Frequency Resistance and Inductance of Coils Used in Broadcast Reception
Hund, August & De Groot, H. B.
October 22, 1925
Primary view of Testing of Fire-Clay Brick with Special Reference to their Use in Coal-Fired Boiler Settings
Geller, R. F.
February 13, 1925
Primary view of Fire Tests of Building Columns
Ingberg, S. H.; Griffin, H. K.; Robinson, W. C. & Wilson, R. E.
April 21, 1921
Primary view of The Ultra-Violet and Visible Transmission of Various Colored Glasses
Gibson, K. S.; Tyndall, E. P. T. & McNicholas, H. J.
March 19, 1920
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