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Primary view of Fast Neutron Data
Feshbach, H.
January 25, 1950
Primary view of Developments in the Centrifuge Separation Project
Beams, Jesse W.; Hagg, A. C. & Murphree, E. V.
Primary view of Materials Testing Reactor Project Handbook
Argonne National Laboratory
May 7, 1951
Primary view of Report on Production of Hafnium-Free Zirconium to Climax Molybdenum Company
unknown creator
December 29, 1951
Primary view of A 37,500 KW Power Reactor with Competitive Possibilities
Thompson, W. I. & Cohen, Karl
February 26, 1954
Primary view of Hanford Atomic Products Operation Radiological Sciences Department Quarterly Progress Report: October - December 1954
Parker, H. M.
January 10, 1955
Primary view of Standardization of Industrial Nuclear Power Plant Components and of Low Power Reactor Systems Report for 1954: Studies Conducted Under an Agreement with the United States Atomic Energy Commission, February 1954 - January 1955
unknown creator
February 1955
Primary view of Floating-Decimal Matrix Inversion
Trantham, F. M., Jr.
April 1955
Primary view of Reactor Studies: Final Report, Part 1
Babcock & Wilcox Company. Atomic Energy Division.
November 1955
Primary view of Investigation of Materials for Water Lubricated Thrust Bearings: Period Covered - March 5, 1951 to June 30, 1953
Abramovitz, S.
December 1955
Primary view of Operational Characteristics of Submerged Gas-Lift Circulators
Cook, M. W. & Waters, Elmer Dale, 1930-
December 1, 1955
Primary view of Final Design Report KAPL-120 High Pressure Recirculating Water Loop
Wade, G. E. & Berberet, J. A.
January 15, 1956
Primary view of Reactor Shielding Design Manual
Rockwell, Theodore, III
March 1956
Primary view of Engineering Test Reactor : Engineering Design and Safeguards Report
Kaiser Engineers
July 1956
Primary view of Polonium
Moyer, Harvey Vernon; Gnagey, Lloyd B. & Rogers, Adrian J.
July 1956
Primary view of Joint Design for Making Root Pass Welds without Filler Material
Lemon, L. C. & Smith, W. R.
July 9, 1956
Primary view of Distribution of Uranium at Low Acid : Low Uranium Concentrations into 4-1/2 Percent TBP-AMSCO
Andelin, Robert L.; Anderson, Edward L. & McVey, W. H.
August 23, 1956
Primary view of Uranium Concentration Meter
Arnett, Orville
September 24, 1956
Primary view of Extraction of Thorium Nitrate from Nitric Acid by TBP - "Ultrasene"
Siddall, Thomas H., III
October 1956
Primary view of MTR Technical Branch Quarterly Report, Third Quarter
Conner, W. P.
November 1, 1956
Primary view of Technical Papers of the Tenth Metallographic Group Meeting Held at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, October 24, 1955
Roth, H. P.
December 1956
Primary view of Instrumentation and Controls Division Semiannual Progress Report for Period Ending July 31, 1956
Borkowski, C. J.
February 25, 1957
Primary view of The Purex process : a Solvent Extraction Reprocessing Method for Irradiated Uranium
Irish, E. R. & Reas, W. H.
April 8, 1957
Primary view of Liquid Metal Reactor Experiment Research and Development Program, June 1957
Babcock & Wilcox Company
June 1957
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