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Primary view of Applications of Logic Flowcharting With a Focus in Autonomous Robotic Operations
Sink, Ashley Elizabeth; Gscheidle, Karl H.; Namuduri, Kamesh; Li, Li & Sterling, Phillip
Primary view of Applications of wireless sensors in monitoring Indoor Air Quality in the classroom environment
Chamberlain, Blaine; Jordan, Georgette; Li, Xinrong; Thompson, Ruthanne; Borkar, Chirag & Mansour, Sahar
Primary view of Bringing real world applications for wireless sensor networks into the classroom: Telemetric monitoring of water quality in an artificial stream [2012]
Bunn, Zac; Guerrero, Jose; Wolf, Lori; Fu, Shengli; Hoeinghaus, David; Driver, Luke et al.
Primary view of Reducing Our Carbon Footprint through Ridesharing
Garrett, Kim; Bell, Jesse; Huang, Yan & Powell, James
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