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Primary view of Program Study Report Plutonium Fuel Cycle
Albaugh, F. W. & Fryar, R. M.
July 30, 1956
Primary view of Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility: Final Safeguards Analysis
Anderson, J. K. & Winegardner, W. K.
February 1962
Primary view of Halogen Collector Test Program
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
March 1, 1960
Primary view of Final Design Report: DR-1 Gas Loop
Baars, R. E.
March 1961
Primary view of A Martensitic Reaction for Uranium
Bement, A. L. & Wallace, W. P.
June 25, 1957
Primary view of Filtration of Radioactive Aerosols by Glass Fibers: Part Two -- Appendices
Blasewitz, A. G.; Carlisle, R. V.; Judson, B. F.; Katzer, M. F.; Kurtz, E. F.; Schmidt, W. C. et al.
April 16, 1951
Primary view of Trans-Plutonium Isotope Buildup by Neutron Irradiation of Plutonium
Brauer, F. P. & Burley, Helen H.
December 15, 1958
Primary view of Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant
Buckner, C. L.
October 15, 1964
Primary view of Operation and Maintenance Instructions for Gamma Scintillation Monitor - Model 3
Connally, R. E.
October 1, 1953
Primary view of Plating Thickness Tester
Fitch, C. E., Jr.
November 15, 1957
Primary view of Plutonium Spike Fuel Elements for the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor: Part 1 - The Mark 1-G
Freshley, M. D.
March 1961
Primary view of An Addendum to a Parametric Study of the Gas-Cooled Reactor Concept
Hanford Works
March 1, 1958
Primary view of Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor Final Safeguard Analysis: Supplement 5, Fuel Element Rupture Testing Facility Analysis
Hanthorn, H. E.
May 1963
Primary view of Economic Evaluation of a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor
Harty, H.; Regimbal, J. J.; Toyoda, K. G. & Widrig, R. D.
June 1961
Primary view of Ultrasonic Resin Level Detector
Hunter, D. O. & Pleasance, C. L.
January 15, 1960
Primary view of Description of Purex Plant Process
Irish, E. R.
May 19, 1959
Primary view of The Purex process : a Solvent Extraction Reprocessing Method for Irradiated Uranium
Irish, E. R. & Reas, W. H.
April 8, 1957
Primary view of Final Report on Design Tests PR-50 and PR-51: Reactor Piping Seal Testing and Reactor Piping Structural Integrity
Jackson, P. M.
June 26, 1959
Primary view of Factors Affecting Fluidization of Uranium Trioxide Powders
Johnson, B. M.
March 1, 1958
Primary view of Fabrication of the PRTR Zircaloy-2 High Pressure Process Tubes
Knecht, R. L.
July 31, 1959
Primary view of Pneumatic Injection Casting of Aluminum-Plutonium Fuel Elements
Koler, R. K.
April 1961
Primary view of Failure Test of a Double Chambered NaK-Filled Irradiation Capsule
Kosut, B. S.; Leggett, R. D. & Marshall, R. K.
September 1961
Primary view of Critical Mass Studies of Plutonium Solutions
Kruesi, F. E.; Erkman, J. O. & Lanning, D. D.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of Joint Design for Making Root Pass Welds without Filler Material
Lemon, L. C. & Smith, W. R.
July 9, 1956
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