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Primary view of Final Design Report KAPL-120 High Pressure Recirculating Water Loop
Wade, G. E. & Berberet, J. A.
January 15, 1956
Primary view of Plating Thickness Tester
Fitch, C. E., Jr.
November 15, 1957
Primary view of Design and Installation of a High Precision Temperature and Intimate Contact Monitor for Experimental Vacuum Chucks
Morrow, G. W.
May 15, 1958
Primary view of Trans-Plutonium Isotope Buildup by Neutron Irradiation of Plutonium
Brauer, F. P. & Burley, Helen H.
December 15, 1958
Primary view of Ultrasonic Resin Level Detector
Hunter, D. O. & Pleasance, C. L.
January 15, 1960
Primary view of Critical Mass Studies of Plutonium Solutions
Kruesi, F. E.; Erkman, J. O. & Lanning, D. D.
February 15, 1960
Primary view of Specifications for Swaged UO2 19-Rod Cluster, PRTR Fuel Element Mark 1
Millhollen, M. K.
March 15, 1960
Primary view of Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor Final Safeguard Analysis: Supplement 2, Consequences of a Primary Coolant Leak
Wittenbrock, N. G. & Muraoka, J.
November 15, 1960
Primary view of Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant
Buckner, C. L.
October 15, 1964
Primary view of Quarterly Progress Report Research and Development Activities Fixation of Radioactive Residues: October - December, 1964
Platt, A. M.
April 15, 1965
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