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Primary view of Geography, Geology, and Water Resources of the National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho: Part 1 Purpose, History, and Scope of Investigations
Nace, Raymond L.
Primary view of Engineering Test Reactor : Engineering Design and Safeguards Report
Kaiser Engineers
July 1956
Primary view of A Neutron Absorption Alignment Chart
Nisle, Robert G.
July 30, 1957
Primary view of Oak Ridge Site Report 30,000 KiloWatt Prototype Partially Enriched Uranium Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant
Kaiser Engineers
March 1959
Primary view of In-Pile Loop Tests of GCRE Elements (I-IT and I-I'T)
Nakazato, S.; Williams, P. M. & Wilson, W. D.
July 2, 1959
Primary view of Preliminary Hazards Summary Report for the ML-1 Nuclear Power Plant
Linenberger, G. A.
September 30, 1959
Primary view of Geography, Geology, and Water Resources of the National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho: Appendix 2, Basic Hydrologic Data
Nace, Raymond L.; Deutsch, Morris; Voegeli, Paul T.; Stewart, J. W.; Walton, William Clarence; Fowler, K. H. et al.
Primary view of The ML-1 Design Report
Linenberger, G. A.
May 16, 1960
Primary view of In-Pile Tests of GCRE-IB Prototype Fuel Elements: Interim Report, 1958-1959
Watanabe, H. T.; Janne, J. E. & Wilson, W. D.
December 1960
Primary view of Engineering Test Reactor Critical Facility Control System Manual
Meichle, F. A.
June 23, 1961
Primary view of EOCR Control Rod and Driver Fuel Hydraulic Tests
Harrison, L. J.
October 19, 1962
Primary view of High-Temperature Irradiation of UO₂-BeO Bodies
Titus, G. W. & Saling, J. H.
January 1963
Primary view of Evaluation of Radiation Stabilizers for Terphenyl by High-Temperature Electron Irradiation
Hartzfeld, H. A. & Regier, R. B.
January 23, 1963
Primary view of Safety Analysis Report : Snaptran 2/10A-1 Safety Tests
Waage, J. M.
January 28, 1963
Primary view of Summary Report of Design Criteria for a Thermal Flux Liquid Metal Package Loop in the Advanced Test Reactor
Ebasco Services Incorporated
March 1963
Primary view of Hydrology of Waste Disposal, National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho: Annual Progress Report, 1962
unknown creator
April 1963
Primary view of The Design of a Dynamic Corrosion and Chemical Control Test Loop and Preliminary Out-of-Pile Test Results
Zelezny, W. F.
July 12, 1963
Primary view of EDP Procedures in Technical Library Operations
Griffin, Hillis L.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Fundamentals in the Operation of Nuclear Test Reactors: Volume 2, Materials Testing Reactor Design and Operation
Phillips Petroleum Company
October 1963
Primary view of Routine Testing and Calibration Procedures for Multichannel Pulse Analyzers and Gamma-Ray Spectrometers
Crouch, D. F. & Heath, R. L.
November 1, 1963
Primary view of Advanced Test Reactor: Final Shielding Design Report
Howard, J. O. & Jacks, G. M.
December 1963
Primary view of Advanced Test Reactor Turbo Report
Turner, Robert A.
January 1964
Primary view of Advanced Test Reactor Servo Regulator Rod Test Program
Pickett, R. T., III
February 1964
Primary view of Results of ATR Sample Fuel Plate Irradiation Experiment
Phillips Petroleum Company
March 23, 1964
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