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Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 10, 1956
Jordan, W. H.; Cromer, S. J. & Miller, A. J.
June 13, 1956
Primary view of Calculations for Irradiation of Natural UO2-ThO2
Ullmann, J. W.
June 8, 1959
Primary view of Chemical Cleaning and Storage of the HRT Steam and Closed Cooling Water Systems
McLain, Howard A.
June 5, 1957
Primary view of Chemical Development Section C Progress Report for December 1960 and January 1961
Brown, K. B.
June 2, 1961
Primary view of Chemistry Division Semiannual Progress Report for Period Ending June 20, 1955
Taylor, E. H. & Bredig, M. A.
June 20, 1955
Primary view of Closed-Loop Level Indicator for Corrosive Liquids Operating at High Temperatures
Southern, A. L.
June 4, 1956
Primary view of A Comparison of Elementary Criticality Calculations with Experimental Results
Nestor, C. W., Jr
June 11, 1959
Primary view of Compilation of Various Undocumented Classified Memoranda on Sherwood Program
McNally, J. Rand (James Rand), 1917-
June 28, 1957
Primary view of Containment Properties of DCX
Fowler, T. K. & Rankin, M.
June 15, 1959
Primary view of Corrosion Status: Sulfex-Thorex (Ni-o-nel) and Darex-Thorex (Titanium) as of June 12, 1959
Clark, W. E.
June 29, 1959
Primary view of Coupled Transmission Lines
Worsham, R. E. & Mosko, S. W.
June 1, 1959
Primary view of Cross Sections for OCUSOL-A Program
Roberts, J. T. & Alexander, L. G.
June 11, 1957
Primary view of Darex Process: Processing of Stainless Steel-Containing Reactor Fuels with Dilute Aqua Regia
Kitts, F. G. & Clark, W. E.
June 7, 1962
Primary view of Determination of Trace Amounts of Sulfur in Fluoride Salts
Gilbert, T. W. & White, J. C.
June 24, 1957
Primary view of The Disposal of Power Reactor Waste Into Deep Wells
De Laguna, Wallace, 1910- & Blomeke, J. O.
June 13, 1957
Primary view of Dynamic Corrosion Screening Tests on Inconel and Nickel in NaCl-MgCl2-UCl3 Bath
Jansen, D. H.
June 19, 1957
Primary view of The Effect of Fluctuations in the Widths on Neutron Reaction Cross Sections
Dresner, Lawrence
June 1, 1957
Primary view of Effect of Slurry Physical Properties on Heat Exchangers and Pump Characteristics
Thomas, D. G.
June 10, 1957
Primary view of The Effects of Temperature and Composition on the Mercury Vapor Pressure in the Uranium-Mercury System
Forsberg, H. C.
June 11, 1959
Primary view of Electron Metallography of Pyrolytic Carbon Coatings on Fuel Particles
Dubose, C. K. H. & Stiegler, J. O.
June 1964
Primary view of Electronuclear Research Division Annual Progress Report, December 31, 1963
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Electronuclear Research Division.
June 1964
Primary view of Electronuclear Research Division Semiannual Progress Report For Period Ending March 20, 1955
Livingston, Robert S. & Howard, F. T.
June 24, 1955
Primary view of Engineering Development of a Foam Column for Countercurrent Surface-Liquid Extraction of Surface-Active Solutes
Haas, P. A.
June 1965
Primary view of Estimate of Potential Fuel Reprocessing Revision #28 - Part A
Ullmann, J. W.
June 25, 1959
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