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Primary view of HRP Radiation Corrosion Studies
Baker, J. E.; Bradley, N. C.; Jenks, G. H.; Olsen, A. R.; Savage, H. C. & Walter, F. J.
August 21, 1956
Primary view of The High Flux Isotope Reactor: Volume 2, Selected Construction Drawings
Binford, F. T.; Cramer, E. N. & Cramer, E. N.
August 1964
Primary view of Laboratory Development of the MTR-RaLa Process for the Production of Barium140
Blanco, R. E., (Raymond Eugene), 1918-1987; Kibbey, A. H.; Pannell, J. H.; Shank, E. M.; Farmer, J. E.; Helton, D. M. et al.
August 19, 1952
Primary view of The Radiation Leakage Survey of the Shield of the Nuclear Ship Savannah
Blizard, E. P.; Blosser, T. V. & Freeston, R. M., Jr.
August 29, 1962
Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending June 10, 1952
Briant, R. C.; Buck, J. H.; Miller, A. J. & Cottrell, W. B.
August 5, 1952
Primary view of Aging Characteristics of Hastelloy B
Clausing, Robert E.; Patriarca, P. & Manly, W. D.
August 12, 1957
Primary view of Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss in Tube Bundles for High Performance Heat Exchangers and Fuel Elements
Cohen, G. H.; Fraas, A. P. & LaVerne, M. E.
August 12, 1952
Primary view of U.S. Reactor Containment Technology: a Compilation of Current Practice in Analysis, Design, Construction, Test, and Operation, Volume 1
Cottrell, William B. & Savolainen, A. W.
August 1965
Primary view of Deposition of Submicron-Size Particles in Ventilation Ducts
Davis, L. P.
August 1964
Primary view of Metallurgy Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending January 31, 1952
Frye, John H., Jr., 1908-2001 & Bridges, W. H.
August 28, 1952
Primary view of Organo-Phosphorous Compounds for Solvent Extraction
Higgins, C. E.; Baldwin, W. H. & Ruth, J. M.
August 14, 1952
Primary view of In-Pile Loop Corrosion Experiments with Uranyl Sulfate Solutions at 235 and 250 C
Jenks, G. H. & Baker, J. E.
August 15, 1963
Primary view of A Thermal Comparator Apparatus for Thermal Conductivity Measurements from 50 to 400 [degrees] C
Kollie, T. G.; McElroy, D. L.; Graves, R. S. & Fulkerson, W.
August 11, 1964
Primary view of Sodium-Cooled Reactors Program, Fast Ceramic Reactor Development Program: First Quarterly Report, October-December 1961
Leitz, F. J.
August 15, 1963
Primary view of HRT Reactor Hazards
Miller, E. C.
August 3, 1956
Primary view of Fluorox Moving-Bed Process for Producing UO3, UF4, and UF6: Bibliography
Moore, J. E.
August 21, 1956
Primary view of Thermal Properties of Grade CGB Graphite
Moore, J. P. & Godfrey, T. G.
August 11, 1964
Primary view of Comparison of the Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Resistivity, and Seebeck Coefficient of a Hight-Purity Iron and Armco Iron to 1000 [degrees] C
Moore, J. P.; Fulkerson, W. & McElroy, D. L.
August 11, 1964
Primary view of Graduate Programs for the Health Physicist in the United States
Morgan, K. Z. (Karl Ziegler), 1908-
August 13, 1964
Primary view of Applied Health Physics Annual Report for 1963
Morgan, K. Z.; Davis, D. M.; Hart, J. C.; Abee, H. H.; Gupton, E. D. & Warden, A. D.
August 1964
Primary view of Molten-Salt Reactor Program Semiannual Progress Report, February 28, 1971
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
August 1971
Primary view of Nuclear Safety Program Semiannual Progress Report: for Period Ending June 30, 1962
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
August 24, 1962
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Quarterly Project Report: Eleventh Quarter, January-March 1962
Pennington, R. T.
August 1962
Primary view of Explosion and Detonation Properties of Mixtures of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Water Vapor
Pigford, Thomas H.
August 28, 1952
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