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Primary view of The Absorption Spectrum of Hydrated Americium Chloride
Stover, Betsy Jones & Conway, John G.
May 2, 1952
Primary view of AEC Hot Cells and Related Facilities
Fosdick, Ellery R.
May 1958
Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 10, 1952
Briant, R. C.; Miller, A. J. & Cottrell, William B.
May 7, 1952
Primary view of Aluminium Corrosion in High Purity Water
Nielsen, N. A.
May 1952
Primary view of Analysis of Extended Zero Power Experiments on the Army Package Power Reactor : ZPE-2
Byrne, B. J. & Oby, P. V.
May 7, 1958
Primary view of Aqueous Homogeneous Reactors for Producing Central-Station Power
Briggs, R. B.; Haubenreich, P. N.; Sanders, J. P.; Aven, R. E.; Zapp, F. C.; Segaser, C. L. et al.
May 25, 1951
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Monthly Progress Report: April 1959
Aerojet-General Corporation
May 25, 1959
Primary view of An Automatic Analyzing Monitor for Reactor Effluent Cooling Water
Rieck, H. G.; Ratcliffe, C. A. & Schwendiman, L. C.
May 1, 1959
Primary view of Beta In Line Monitor for RCU Stream
Leboeuf, M. B. & Connally, R. E.
May 1953
Primary view of Boundary Disturbances in High Explosive Shock Tubes
Shreffler, R. G. & Christian, R. H.
May 26, 1952
Primary view of Calculation of Stagewise Contacting Systems
Bloom, J. L. & Auer, P. L.
May 22, 1953
Primary view of Chemistry Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 31, 1951
Lind, S. C.; Boyd, G. E. & Bredig, M. A.
May 10, 1951
Primary view of A Conceptual Study of a 100 kw Gas Cooled Reactor Power Plant for a Remote Location
Frankfort, J. H. & Thompson, W. I.
May 31, 1955
Primary view of Decontamination of ORNL Purex Pilot Plant
Wood, H. P.
May 5, 1952
Primary view of Decontamination of Portable Instruments
Unruh, C. M.
May 22, 1953
Primary view of Description of Purex Plant Process
Irish, E. R.
May 19, 1959
Primary view of Design and Feasibility Study of a Pebble Bed Reactor-Steam Power Plant
unknown creator
May 1, 1958
Primary view of Design and Installation of a High Precision Temperature and Intimate Contact Monitor for Experimental Vacuum Chucks
Morrow, G. W.
May 15, 1958
Primary view of The Development of a Melting Method for Conversion of Zirconium Sponge to Corrosion Resistant Ingot
National Research Corporation (U.S.)
May 4, 1950
Primary view of Development of the Flow Sheet for Incinerating Contaminated Combustible Waste: Engineering Research Final Report
McEwen, M.; Schauer, P. J. & Aponyi, T.
May 15, 1951
Primary view of Distribution of Thermal Neutrons from Fast Sources in Exponential Piles
Anselone, Philip M.
May 27, 1954
Primary view of Effect of Solvent Degradation on the Purex Process
Siddall, Thomas H., III; Wallace, Richard M. & Prout, W. E.
May 1958
Primary view of Electron Spectrum of Pa²³³
Keller, H. B. & Cork, James M.
May 9, 1950
Primary view of Electroplated Metals on Uranium for Aluminum Cladding
Beach, John G.; Schickner, William C.; Hopkinson, Dolores. & Faust, Charles L.
May 4, 1955
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