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Primary view of Geologic Reconnaissance of the Southwest Flank of the Zuni Uplift, New Mexico
Konigsmark, Ted
August 1955
Primary view of Economic Study of the San Rafael River Desert Mining District Emery and Grand Counties, Utah
Young, Robert G. (Robert Glen), 1923-2011; Million, I. & Hausen, Donald M.
March 1957
Primary view of Fracture systems and tectonic elements of the Colorado Plateau
Kelley, Vincent C. & Clinton, N. James
October 1958
Primary view of Geology and uranium occurrences in the Hite Section of the Glen Canyon Dan immersion area
Larson, Raymond N.
September 1957
Primary view of Uranium deposits of the Hulett Creek area and the T L Creek quadrangle, Crook County, Wyoming
Chenoweth, William L. & Sharp, Bryon J.
March 1970
Primary view of Results of exploration for uranium at the Caribou Mine, Boulder County, Colorado
Smith, Loren E. & Baker, Kenneth E.
May 1953
Primary view of Diamond drilling in the Silver Reef (Harrisburg) district and adjacent areas, Washington County, Utah
King, Earl N. & Papulak, M. S.
February 1957
Primary view of Uranium Reconnaissance and Drilling in the Sanostee Area, San Juan County, New Mexico and Apache County, Arizona
Blagbrough, John W.; Thieme, D. A.; Archer, B. J., Jr. & Lott, R. W.
February 1959
Primary view of Exploration drilling in the Haystack Butte area, McKinley County, New Mexico
Fincher, Forrest R. & Konigsmark, Ted
January 1957
Primary view of Research and development of geophysical and geochemical techniques for uranium exploration on the Colorado Plateau
Research, Inc.
May 1955
Primary view of Drilling Recommendations, Dry Valley, San Juan County, Utah
Standard, Jim C.
February 2, 1953
Primary view of Airborne Radiometric Survey of the Inyan Kara Group of the Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming
Yater, A. N.
April 3, 1973
Primary view of Supplementary Report on Areas of Anomalous Radioactivity North of Hulett, Wyoming
Horner, Wesley P. & Olsen, Derrick F.
January 19, 1953
Primary view of Airborne Reconaissance Survey of Northwestern Nevada
Horner, W. P. & Quaglin, L. R.
June 2, 1953
Primary view of Investigative Drilling of the Elk Ridge Area, San Juan County, Utah
Oertell, Eugene W.
February 1956
Primary view of Geologic Reconnaissance of the Northwestern White River Plateau, Rio Blanco and Garfield Counties, Colorado
Boyer, William H.
November 1956
Primary view of Fracture Pattern Study, Bull Canyon, Montrose and San Miguel Counties, Colorado
Dalrymple, J. W.; Young, N. B. & Ulibarri, A.
September 1957
Primary view of Geology of Uranium Deposits in the Inter-River Area, Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah
McRae, Otis M. & Grubaugh, P. L.
November 1957
Primary view of Foothills Mine, Idledale District, Jefferson County, Colorado
Schlottmann, Jerome D.
March 1961
Primary view of Geology of the Uranium Deposits in the Cochetopa District, Saguache County, Colorado
Malan, Roger C.; Ranspot, Henry W. & Spengler, Ralph G.
July 1957
Primary view of Geochemical and Geophysical Reconnaissance in Northern Peninsula Michigan and Northeastern Wisconsin
Kinnaman, R. L. & Illsley, C. T.
June 1962
Primary view of Uranium Investigations and Recommendations for Diamond Drilling Near Aladdin, Crook County, Wyoming
Gray, Joseph R. & Tennissen, Anthony C.
May 1953
Primary view of Continuous Velocity Logging as Applied to Uranium Exploration
Scott, James H.
September 26, 1956
Primary view of Airborne Radiometric Reconnaissance of Parts of Central Montana
Norman, H. W. & Lovejoy, Earl M. P.
June 1955
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