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Primary view of An Evaluation of Four Processes for Recovering Uranium from Zirconium Fuels at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
Burn, P.
April 27, 1962
Primary view of Supplement to Reactor Containment Design Study
Johnson, R. A. & Nelson, I.
April 23, 1962
Primary view of Unitized Microfilm System for Engineering Drawings of Idaho Operations Office, USAEC and Its Contractors
Masterson, Richard G.
April 16, 1962
Primary view of ABWR Design and Development Quarterly Progress Report, January 1 Through March 31, 1962
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
April 15, 1962
Primary view of The FAIM Code: a Multigroup, One-Dimensional Diffusion Equation Code
Baller, D. C.
April 15, 1962
Primary view of Gas-Cooled Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report: December 1961
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
April 6, 1962
Primary view of Accurate Nuclear Fuel Burnup Analyses; First Quarterly Report, (December 1961 - February 1962)
Rider, B. F.
April 1, 1962
Primary view of Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 1. Cost Analysis and Future Development
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
April 1962
Primary view of Corrosion of Zircaloy in Crevices under Nucleate Boiling Conditions
Anderson, W. Kermit & McGoff, M. J.
April 1962
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: December 1, 1961 - March 1, 1962
Hardy, Edward P., Jr.; Rivera, Joseph & Frankel, Robert
April 1, 1962
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