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Primary view of Final Safeguards Summary Report for the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility
unknown creator
August 1, 1961
Primary view of 300,000-KWE SGR Nuclear Power Plant of Current Technology
Renard, J.; Peckinpaugh, C. L. & Aronstein, R. E.
August 1, 1960
Primary view of Steam Cycle Optimization Study for Large Sodium Graphite Nuclear Power Generating Stations
Schneider, G. A.
August 31, 1964
Primary view of UC Fuel Element Design and Fabrication
Draganchuk, W.
August 1, 1964
Primary view of Effect of Carburization on the Low Strain Rate Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel: Interim Report
Stone, D. H. & Schwartz, A. D.
August 31, 1965
Primary view of Development, Acceptance and Qualification Testing of the SNAP 10A Ejectable Heat Shield
Sperow, H. L.
August 31, 1965
Primary view of Boiling Depressurization Transients
Halfen, F. J. & Berganzoli, F.
August 1, 1964
Primary view of U-10 Wt % Mo Fuel Element: Irradiation in SRE
Arnold, J. L.; Miller, K. J. & Peterson, R. M.
August 31, 1965
Primary view of The High-Temperature Irradiation Behavior of Hypostoichiometric Uranium Monocarbide
Hahn, R. D.
August 31, 1965
Primary view of Thermal Stress Testing of Beryllium Oxide Moderator Shapes
Sujata, H. L.; King, M. & Waters, F. J.
August 1, 1962
Primary view of Uranium Carbide Transient Heating Experiments - Phase 1
Stachura, S. J.; Silberberg, M. & Cordy, R. N.
August 1, 1964
Primary view of Capsule Irradiation of Unalloyed Uranium at High Temperatures
Harrington, D. G. & Newton, J. B.
August 15, 1962
Primary view of Boiling Studies for Sodium Reactor Safety: Part 1, Experimental Apparatus and Results of Initial Tests and Analysis
Noyes, R. C.
August 30, 1963
Primary view of SRE Heat Transfer System Demolition
Nicholson, J. O.
August 31, 1965
Primary view of The Continuous Neutron Flux Monitor Project: An Interim Report
Smith, Charles R. F. & Springer, Thomas H.
August 1, 1964
Primary view of Annual Technical Progress Report, AEC Unclassified Programs: 1966
North American Aviation. Atomics International Division.
August 31, 1966
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