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Primary view of The Extraction Method of Purification of Uranyl Nitrate
Myers, L. S., Jr.; Anderson, K. C.; Wexler, Sol & Boyd, G. E.
August 28, 1942
Primary view of Polarographic Determination of Uranium in Dust Samples
Smith, Stanton B.
August 30, 1943
Primary view of Distribution Coefficient of D₂O Between Triethylamine and Water
Carlson, H. C.
August 31, 1943
Primary view of Report on Sleepy Cat Mountain district, White River uplift area, Colorado
Gruenerwald, William & Richardson, Gilbert R.
August 1945
Primary view of Vacuum Probe, Standard Leaks, and Needle Valve for Use with the Helium Leak Detector
Samuel, A. J.
August 1945
Primary view of A Direct Current Emission Regulator
White, J. R. & Cameron, A. E.
August 4, 1945
Primary view of The Aluminum Nitrate Process for the Conversion of Tuballoy Tetrafluoride to Tuballoy Peroxide
Lord, E. J.; Andrews, L. J. & Gates, J. W.
August 22, 1945
Primary view of The Effect of Geometry and Voltage Variations on the Operations of the Phillips Ion Gage
McKinney, C. R.; Eggen, Donald T.; Bishop, A.; Arnold, W. A. & Starr, C.
August 22, 1945
Primary view of Quarterly Report May 1947 to August 1947 : Biology Division
Brues, Austin M.
August 1, 1947
Primary view of Obliquity Factors for Shields
Brooks, Harvey
August 15, 1947
Primary view of Impregnation of Beryllium Oxide with Uranium
Sanz, M. C. & Randolph, R.
August 20, 1947
Primary view of Critical Dimensions of Untamped Conical Vessels
Murray, Raymond
August 25, 1947
Primary view of Investigations of Domestic Radioactive Raw Materials, Beryllium, and Other Trace Elements Monthly Report: July 1948
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of Feasibility of an Electro-Magnetic Method of Interface Level Measurement
Anthony, David J. & Parsegian, V. L.
August 13, 1948
Primary view of Further Critical Experiments on a Small Reactor of Enriched U-235 with Al-H₂O Moderator and Beryllium Reflector
Martin, A. B. & Mann, M. M.
August 17, 1948
Primary view of Iodine Exchange Reaction
Kleinberg, Jacob & Sattizahn, James
August 25, 1948
Primary view of Magnesium Oxychloride Cements and Concretes for Pile Shielding
Snyder, M. J. & Pavlish, A. E.
August 1949
Primary view of Design of a Bubble-Cap Column to Replace Nitric Acid Concentrator
Wallingford, H.
August 22, 1949
Primary view of The Heat of Solution of Neptunium Metal and the Heats of Formation of some Neptunium Chlorides ; A Microcalorimeter for Heat of Solution Measurements
Westrum, Edgar F., Jr. & Eyring, LeRoy
August 1950
Primary view of Hydrofluorination of Zirconium Oxide
Phillips, Don
August 2, 1950
Primary view of The Decay of Induced Activity in Portland, Barytes, and Brookhaven Cements
Bowman, W. H.; James, D. L. & Roarty, J. D.
August 23, 1950
Primary view of Investigations of Domestic Radioactive Raw Materials, Beryllium, and Other Trace Elements, Monthly Report: July 1951
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of Geological Investigation of Mexican Cry Mesa, Lukachukai District, Arizona with Diamond Drilling Recommendations
Ellsworth, Philip C.
August 2, 1951
Primary view of The Argonne Heavy Water Reactor (CP-3 Prime)
Zinn, Walter H.
August 10, 1951
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