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Primary view of Plate 1. Aeroradioactivity of East-Central New York and West-Central New England
Popenoe, Peter
August 1962
Primary view of Measurement of the Wolfenstein Parameter R at 210 Mev.
Gibson, W. A.; England, A. C. (Alan Coulter), 1932-; Heer, E. & Tinlot, J. H.
August 1, 1960
Primary view of Precise Measurements of the Mean Lives of µ+ and µ- Mesons in Carbon
Reiter, Richard A.
August 1960
Primary view of Utilization of Radiactive Isotpoes in Coal Process Research
Yavorsky, P. M. & Gorin, E.
August 15, 1960
Primary view of Visible Spectra of Some Metal Tris-Acetlacetonates
Cotton, F. Albert (Frank Albert), 1930-2007 & Holm, Richard Hadley, 1934-
August 30, 1960
Primary view of A Manual of Experiments in Reactor Physics
Valente, Frank Anthony; Davidson, J. P. (John Pirnie), 1924-; Gisser, David G.; de Moraes, Octavio L.; Bryce, Donald H. & LoGuidice, Joseph M.
August 1961
Primary view of Pebble Bed Friction Factor and Thermal Expansion Tests
Leeman, C. A.
August 31, 1960
Primary view of Adsorption of Radioactive Gases on Activated Carbon
Madey, Richard; Barker, J. J.; Beebe, M. R. & Stephenson, T. E.
August 31, 1960
Primary view of Diffusion of Fission Gases Through Uranium Oxide and Uranium Carbide
Weinstock, J. J.
August 11, 1960
Primary view of Fractionation of Fission Products and Heavy Elements by Volatilization Methods
Erway, N. D. & Simpson, O. C.
August 27, 1946
Primary view of The Charge on Uranium(VI) in Acid Solution
King, Edward L.
August 15, 1946
Primary view of The Dissolution of Thorium Metal and Thorium Dioxide in HNO3 - HF and HNO3- ( NH4 ) 2 SiF6 Mixtures
Schuler, Frederick W.; Steahly, Frank L. & Stoughton, Raymond W.
August 2, 1946
Primary view of Crystal Structures of Some Uranium Compounds : a Summary from the Ames Laboratory
Rundle, R. E.; Baenziger, N. C. & Wilson, A. S.
August 15, 1945
Primary view of Electrolytic Production of Uranium from Solutions of its Tribromide in Fused Salts
Webster, Richard A.
August 15, 1944
Primary view of Preparation of Carrier Free Zr-Cb Tracer, Problem Assignment No. 263-X61C, Progress Report
Marinsky, Jacob A. (Jacob Akiba), 1918-2005 & Ballou, Nathan Elmer, 1919-
August 28, 1944
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Analytical, Report for the Month Ending July 1, 1944
Hogness, T. R. (Thorfin Rusten), 1894-; Ashcraft, E. B.; McKinney, D. S. & Voskuyl, R. J.
August 11, 1944
Primary view of The Extraction Method of Purification of Uranyl Nitrate
Myers, L. S., Jr.; Anderson, K. C.; Wexler, Sol & Boyd, G. E.
August 28, 1942
Primary view of Separations Chemistry, Quarterly Progress Report, January-March 1954
Motta, E. E.; Bareis, D. W. & Cubicciotti, D.
August 1, 1954
Primary view of Heat Generation in Thermal Shields
Heisler, M. & Wetch, J.
August 15, 1954
Primary view of Road Log From Cortez, Colorado to Gallup, New Mexico; Road Log From Gallup, New Mexico to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Road Log From Albuquerque, New Mexico to Ojo Del Espiritu Santo Grant, New Mexico; Stratigraphic Relationships and Nomenclature Chart, Stratigraphic Sections, Comments on Points of Interest
U.S. Uranium Tour
August 1972
Primary view of Annual Technical Progress Report, AEC Unclassified Programs: 1966
North American Aviation. Atomics International Division.
August 31, 1966
Primary view of Technical and economic potentials of shale oil production by nuclear explosives
Heiss, Klaus-Peter
August 31, 1967
Primary view of Geologic Reconnaissance of the Southwest Flank of the Zuni Uplift, New Mexico
Konigsmark, Ted
August 1955
Primary view of Drilling at Temple Mountain, San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah
Anderson, Andrew H. & Miller, Richard D.
August 1952
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